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Moving to Wellington

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This page will inform you of all the relevant information about your move to the beautiful capital of New Zealand. Moving to Wellington doesn’t have to bare stress and this page will aid you on your journey. From moving costs to requesting a free quote, this page has it all.

Emigrating to Wellington

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city, it’s close location to the waters makes the city really breathtaking. From the amazing views up Mt Victoria to the friendly locals (who are referred to as Kiwi’s) are just a few features what makes Wellington such a popular expat location. The close proximity to the surrounding islands also makes moving to Wellington a more exciting experience for exploring (although there is already many things to do in the city). The culture in Wellington is very similar to what we are used to and is referred to as a Western culture, which is another reason why so many UK expats move there.

Moving to Wellington

How much does it cost to move to Wellington?

New Zealand is not close to the UK by all means; therefore a removal to Wellington is likely to cost a fair bit.  On average a move to Wellington will cost you around £9,000 – £11,000 but this will vary depending on the size of your house hold and other factors such as:

  • Insurance
  • Type of transport
  • Additional services

Usually when moving a small distance some of these costs can be eliminated, but the long distance to Wellington means a lot can go wrong on the journey. This is way we encourage the use of these extra costs to help make your move more carefree and prevent any disasters from occurring.

Further information of the cost of moving to New Zealand can be found on the Sirelo website.

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Where is best to live?

Your move to Wellington is an exciting process, but when it comes to deciding which neighbourhood to live in it can be a struggle. Below are the top neighbourhoods we think are best:


Well known for its excellent schools and public transport within the town, making it a great location for families to move to. The neighbourhood contains many parks and reserves as well as a great community spirit.

Hutt Valley

The location is quote far from the main town but has excellent train services to the city. The neighbourhood has a great atmosphere with good schools and shops.


Many houses have amazing views over the city and the harbour, making housing demands popular here. It’s just an 8 minute ride to the main city with lots of shops and pubs.

Island Bay

A popular seaside village with lovely views of the south island. It’s a cheaper neighbourhood so very popular for those on a budget wanting to live in Wellington. It’s only a 20 minute bus ride to the city centre and Island Bay has many schools as well as rich arts and culture around the area.

Houghton Bay

Popular destination for surfers and divers due to being located on a cove with curving sandy beaches and rocky headlands. Also a 20 minute bus ride to the main city.

Aro Valley

If you are a young, single or a professional couple who enjoy social life then this is your place. It has a trendy vibe and many parties, gatherings and performances. In addition the cost of living here is also inexpensive compared to other suburbs.


An inner city suburb located just to the west of the city centre. It’s popular amongst upper middle class families due to the close distance to the town.  Also popular for students due to the local Victoria University of Wellington.


Located overlooking the Wellington Harbour. A lot of the area is dominated by large parkland’s making it a very popular place to live. Also is one of the most affluent suburbs in Wellington with a good selection of local amenities.

Removals to Wellington

Cultural differences in New Zealand

New Zealand’s culture can be seen as very similar to that of a Western one. The language is the same as in the UK as well as the side of the road you drive on, but there are some factors that you may not be used to.


The internet in the UK is phenomenal in comparison to many other countries. This is not the case in Wellington and in fact the whole of New Zealand, the internet is very limited. This is definitely the case if venturing slightly out of the city, so be prepared to have no contact with the outside world. The internet being limited also makes it rather expensive.

Rent payments

It is common in the UK to have monthly rent payments; however in Wellington apartments are listed with weekly prices. This may be strange at first but a common factor that you will get used to.

Geologically active

You might be used to the miserable weather in the UK but be prepared for the other end of the extremes in Wellington. Due to being geologically active, so you’re at risk from earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

What to consider before moving to Wellington

Now that you’ve decided where you are living, there are a few more things to consider before moving to Wellington.


This is probably the most important factor, without a visa you cannot live or work in Wellington, simple. Be prepared and apply for one early as can take some time for your visa application to go through. For more information visit our other page visas in New Zealand 

IDR number

You will need to get an IRD number, this is a tax number that allows you to work or get a bank in Wellington. This is issued by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD)

Bank account

Many of the banks in New Zealand can help you open an account before you even get here. You will need your IRD number before setting up an account, along with ID and proof of address and residency. The main banks include:

They all have several branches and ATMs located in Wellington.

Drivers license

You are allowed to drive in New Zealand for up to one year with your UK driving license but after that you’ll need to apply to get a New Zealand driver’s licence. Make sure you learn about how we drive in New Zealand before venturing out on to the roads. You can also read the New Zealand road code to learn more about driving in New Zealand

Looking for a job

Wellington is the place to be if you’re looking for a higher income. The average yearly earnings in Wellington is $49,000, compared to the national average of $44,700. Many expats moving to Wellington can easily find work in the agricultural sector, but the other larger industries include

  • Tourism
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Business services

Expats can use many different ways to obtain a job in Wellington. Recruitment agencies, in the classifieds sections of major newspapers anf on online job boards are popular options. Trade Me and Seek are useful sites to find current job listings in Wellington.

To find out more information visit our Sirelo page working in New Zealand for more information about finding jobs and adapting you CV.

Move to Wellington

Transport in Wellington

The transportation system in Wellington is excellent and widely used by the locals. Metlink is the main transport system and has an easy way to help you plan journeys helping you get anywhere within the Wellington region. It uses buses, trains and ferries. A Snapper card is a discount card making it a cheaper and faster way to pay. When you pay your bus fare with Snapper you’ll save around 20% compared with a cash fare and it only costs $10.

Cost of living in Wellington

Living expenses are generally known to be quite high in Wellington in comparison to many other countries; however when comparing to London the prices are not too bad. The main difference being grocery prices are around 22% higher in Wellington. Below are common prices for goods in Wellington and London.

GoodLondon priceWellington price
Apartment in City Centre£1,675.08£771.55
Average Monthly Net Salary£2,159.09£2,508.32

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