Moving to New Zealand
A Complete Guide

Moving to New Zealand from the UK doesn’t take a stroke of good luck but careful planning. If that’s not your forte or you just want help to ensure your removal goes as smoothly as possible, then you’re in the right place. With free removal quotes, you can find a professional removal company to help make the process simple. Furthermore, our essential checklist makes removals to New Zealand a walk in the park. What are you waiting for? Keep reading and find out what you need to know for a great removal to Aotearoa!

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How Much Does It Cost to Move to New Zealand from the UK?

Now for something as exciting as it can be terrifying for your wallet: the cost of international removals from the UK to New Zealand. It’s an inevitable part of any move, so let’s just cut to the chase, an average 3-bedroom house removal to New Zealand can range between £7,000 – £9,400.

Before that figure gives you chills, we just want to remind you that it’s just an estimate and there are crucial factors that will affect the cost of removals to New Zealand. Therefore, we recommend that you become acquainted with the variables that affect the cost of moving overseas.

One big factor that you can control is volume, which you can easily calculate with our volume calculator. As it affects the price, it might even inspire you to declutter. We all need a little less junk in our lives.

To help put it into perspective, we have a table below that shows how volume affects the costs of removals to New Zealand from the UK by sea based on average household sizes, and if encourages you to declutter, that’s great. We all need a little less junk in our lives.

Household SizeTimeCost
1 bedroom apartment9 – 12 weeks£2,900 – £4,000
2 bedroom house6 – 9 weeks£3,900 – £5,300
3 bedroom house6 – 9 weeks£7,000 – £9,400
4 bedroom house6 – 9 weeks£7,400 – £10,000
5 bedroom house6 – 9 weeks£10,600 – £14,200

Disclaimer: The rates shown above are just estimates. Costs will vary depending on your exact point of departure and the service rates of the company.

You might be wondering if there is a faster method of shipping furniture to New Zealand than by sea. Well, there is! A plane will be much faster and only takes 8-10 days but will dramatically increase the cost of container shipping. Furthermore, it’s only an option for small moves, like a 1-bedroom flat.

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A Checklist for Moving to New Zealand

The hard work has yet to start! However, don’t lose hope, we’re here to help. Once you work your way through our moving to New Zealand checklist, those dreams of life in the Land of the Long White Cloud will be one step closer to reality.

Before You Move:

✔️ Important documents 

Before your removal to New Zealand from the UK, you’ll need to prepare all the necessary documents, otherwise, you could run into some difficulties:

  • Passport
  • Work visa
  • Birth certificate(s)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Academic qualifications
  • Medical records (including dental records and vaccination certificates)
  • References from previous landlords
  • Credit references.

You’ll need some of these for the visa application process, but also for tasks like finding a house or opening a bank. Once everything is organised, consider duplicating them and keeping them in a safe and accessible place for them.

Visas for New Zealand
If you’re planning an international removal from the UK to New Zealand, then be sure to organise your visa, otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the country! Should you need any visa information, we happen to have a very useful page on the subject, just click below.
Click here!

✔️ Finding a moving company to New Zealand

Let’s be honest: international removals from the UK to New Zealand are no small feat. Therefore, it’s essential that you find a removal company and a good one at that. If you are not sure of the best way to go about doing this, start with our list of top international removal services. Or just cut to the chase and request free moving quotes to start comparison shopping now!

✔️ Pack

The golden rule of packing is that you can never start too early! We recommend starting at least a month before your move, of course, if you declutter before that it’s even better. Embrace your inner Marie Kondo and only keep what really need or sparks joy! If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a look at our expert packing tips.

However, there are two things to be done in preparation for your removal to New Zealand from the UK:

Create an inventory

While packing, create an inventory of all the items that you’ll be shipping to New Zealand, as it’s necessary for customs. Otherwise, your items could face a prolonged clearance period, adding to an already length removal.

Clean Your Goods

Clean everything as thoroughly as possible! New Zealand has a unique ecosystem and is adamant about protecting it. Thus, any outdoor equipment (such as shoes, shovels, and gazebos) must be completely free of dirt and your indoor items need to be free of dust. So, crack out the sponge and get cleaning!

✔️ Taxes

Unless you want your new life to be taxed in the UK, you must inform HMRC when you move abroad.

✔️ Transporting your vehicle

Given that New Zealand’s car ownership rate is one of the highest in the world (2.5 mil cars for 4 mil people including kids!) it is unsurprising if you too want to import your car when moving to New Zealand from the UK.

If this is the case, you are in luck! Unlike some countries, importing your car to New Zealand is, in fact, possible, provided you have the financial means to do so. Transporting a car can cost around £1,500-£2,000, with an additional £400 to clear customs. Alternatively, why not sell your car in the UK and check out New Zealand’s thriving second-hand car market?

✔️ Moving to New Zealand with pets?

If you’re moving to New Zealand with a dog or a cat, you can either; have the pet on the same journey as you or find an airline that specializes in moving pets. However, your pet needs to meet certain requirements. The most common way to transport your pet is via air transport. Therefore, be sure to consider the following list of costs and requirements before your pet boards the plane:

  • Make sure that all of your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. This includes a rabies vaccination 6 – 12 months before moving. This is likely to cost around £400.
  • An import permit costs NZ$220.74 (around £125).
  • Transport. As discussed above air transport is the most efficient and most common way. We recommend a budget of around £2,000 (however this depends on the size and weight of the animal).
  • All pets imported from the UK must be quarantined for a minimum of 10 days. This is likely to cost between NZ$1,400 and NZ$2,000 (£800 – £1,200) including transportation and government inspection fees.

Got an exotic pet, or even a hamster or rabbit? We will get the bad news out of the way first – unfortunately, apart from cats and dogs, it is forbidden to import a pet to New Zealand. Therefore, it might be a good idea to rehome your pets with a new loving family, we understand it is hard to let a member of the family go.

For more information on this, visit the New Zealand government’s pet import policy.

Did you know? There are no, yes absolutely no, snakes in New Zealand! So, you will really be in trouble if pet snakes are your thing…

Move to New Zealand

Once You Arrive:

✔️ Register

The first crucial step to complete when moving to New Zealand is registering and receiving an IRD number, which is essential to work. It’s also used for tax calculation, so you really can’t work without one. Read more about it here!

✔️ Healthcare

Feeling like a removal to New Zealand could break the bank? If so, you will be pleased to know that healthcare in The Antipodean country is often free or heavily subsidised, one less thing to pay for. Under a mutual agreement, all Brits, even those on temporary visas, have access to free urgent medical care.

That being said, 35% of New Zealanders opt for private health insurance to cover non-urgent treatment, so this might be something you want to consider as well. If you’re curious, you can check out our page on healthcare in New Zealand.

✔️ Driving licence

Do you intend to live in New Zealand from the UK for less than a year? Then hurrah! You can use your UK driving licence, no trouble. However, if you intend to stay longer than a year, you will have to switch to a local licence.

✔️ Bank account

Opening a local bank account is essential to settling in New Zealand. You’ll find it difficult to use your bank in the UK and conversion fees will be a notable drain on your funds. Consider opening a local bank account with some of the following banks if you are not clued up on the topic:

Ticking off everything on this checklist will ensure that you are well on your way to a smooth move to New Zealand from the UK. However, if you are a lover of checklists and want even more to cross off, check out our moving abroad checklist. Soon you will become a real moving boffin!

Living in New Zealand

While moving to New Zealand might seem like the main task to focus on. Don’t forget to organise your life in New Zealandyou’ll need somewhere to live! Once you’re set up and living in New Zealand, you can then finally enjoy the country of Aotearoa for its natural beauty and the New Zealand culture.

The Cost of Living in New Zealand

Much like calculating how much money you need to move to New Zealand from the UK, there are no blanket figures for the cost of living there. On average, living in New Zealand costs approximately 8.4% more than in the UK. However, this will depend largely on where exactly you choose to relocate to, and your lifestyle.

Want to know how much your morning coffee will cost? Or how much to budget for petrol? We have created the following table comparing the common cost of living metrics in the UK and New Zealand.

MetricUKNew Zealand
Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre£758£819
Basic monthly utilities for an 85m2 apartment£156£91
1L of milk£0.91£1.35
0.5L of draught beer£3.63£4.63
1L of gasoline£1.27£1.12

Want to venture outside the main cities to save some money on living costs? Good idea! Perhaps you could even check out Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauo​tamateaturipukakapikimaungahoro​nukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu – yes that’s right, the longest single-word place name is in New Zealand!

Finding a Home in New Zealand

Jumping into a new housing market can make your head spin, and it’s even harder to start searching abroad. Of course, if you’re moving back to New Zealand or have family and friends living there, you are at an advantage since they can help you scout for a place to live.

If it’s your first time, an expensive tip is to take a holiday to New Zealand first. As a UK resident, you have visa-free entry for 6 months, which can be useful to visit and explore housing. Otherwise, renting temporary accommodation is the best way to start. We also recommend doing some research on the market. You can find useful information on this New Zealand government page about housing.

Just to give you an idea of what you can expect for accommodation, here’s a table that compares London to the capital city of Wellington and the most populated city, Auckland.

HousingPrice LondonPrice WellingtonPrice Auckland
1 bedroom£1,700£1,050£1,000
3 bedroom£3,200£1,700£1,700
City Centre Price/m2£11,250£3,650£6,250
Outside Centre Price/m2£5,600£2,500£4,550

Work in New Zealand

If you are moving to New Zealand from the UK for only leisure or travel purposes, feel free to skip past this section. However, we imagine that for most of you finding work is not something to brush over.

The work culture in New Zealand is generally considered pleasant and friendly. While there is an expectation to work hard, this is balanced with an emphasis on spending quality time with friends and family outside of work. Sounds like moving to New Zealand can’t come soon enough!

On the flip side, finding employment in New Zealand does not always come easy, so get thinking and check out the following online portals to get you started:

Furthermore, the New Zealand government has great advice for finding a job. It’s a great resource for adapting to the local job market with advice on preparing your CV and interview techniques. It’s a must when looking for a job as you plan your move to New Zealand.

Of course, your ability to find work will be dependent on the exact terms of your visa, so make sure you check this. Although this may all seem a little overwhelming, we trust that your move to New Zealand from the UK is going to be a blast!

Did you know? New Zealand has won more Olympic gold medals per capita than any other country! So, brush up on your sporting endeavours before you arrive 😉

Removals to New Zealand: A Worthwhile Challenge

Phew! That was seriously hardcore, so before we go any further, we want to congratulate you for making it through this article. Rest assured, that although it may feel like you have mountains to organise at the moment when you are happily settled in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, it will all be worth it.

Removals to New Zealand are only the beginning of a great adventure, there’s so much to enjoy about life in Aotearoa! But if your nerves are still making you feel shaky, continue to explore the Sirelo website to find other pages which help you move with a smile 😊In the meantime, good luck and happy moving!

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