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Working in Australia

Working in Australia is seen as one of the dream locations for expats to move to. The climate is perfect and the beautiful beaches are to die for! The Australian economy is getting better and is currently strong and stable, and there is great demand  in the summer season for work. But what information should you know before moving down under?

Temporary or permanent work in Australia

Australia has many big cities to work in, such as Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. Working holiday visas are common in Australia amongst young people. It gives the opportunity to discover new things while staying in the country. Working on land in exchange for shelter is a popular thing for many backpackers to do and is known as woofing. Travelling and working is finally a good combination in Australia.

Working visas are only available for people in ages between 18 and 31. It is mandatory to also have at least 3200 EU spending money when applying for one. Visas cost around 300 EU and you can request it from the internet to save trouble.

Australia is a common destination for individuals who want a change and something new. Agriculture and horticulture are popular job categories for expats. Becoming an au pair for families is also a common job. To find out more information of visas in Australia visit our page.

Culture in AustraliaWorking in Australia

The Australian culture is very similar to the Western one. The language is English is the same; however Australians tend to shorten a lot of their vocabulary. For example they refer to chicken as ‘chuck’. The environment is also a very relaxing one in comparison to the culture in the UK.

Jobs in Australia

Usually expats must secure a job before entering Australia.  The government’s immigration department is strict and efficient; therefore those employed without a work permit will be deported. It can be difficult to obtain a job, the hiring company must prove that a position exists for the expat, and that no local candidate is qualified for it. This can sometimes prove difficult due to many Australians have tertiary qualification and international experience.

Common ways to find jobs include:

  • Local newspapers
  • Joining industry associations
  • National newspapers – The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald

If you want to start the job search immediately, you can try the following online portals:

Explore Australia before moving. Understand its culture and wildlife to avoid shocks!

Are you going to apply for work in Australia? Tips to increase your chances of finding a job to be as high as possible include:

  • Make sure your CV is clear and visual
  • References from other employers or clients are highly valued in Australia.
  • Building a social network is very important if you want to work in Australia.

If down under takes your fancy, find out more information on our page moving to Australia. As well, if you need further assistance planning your move, check out the pages we have linked for you below. 🙂