Moving to Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most popular destination amongst young adults in the UK. On this page we will discuss the important information associated with moving to Melbourne. Below is an overview of everything that will be mentioned:

If you’re set on moving Down Under, but not sure exactly where yet, we have also got you covered with out moving to Australia page, including information on moving costs and other tips and tricks.

Moving to Melbourne

Why should you move to Melbourne?

Melbourne is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Nearly half of the people living in the city were born overseas. The city is known as being one of the most liveable cities which would explain the high expat percentage moving there. Whether it’s enjoying the sunshine on the beautiful beaches or visiting the famous Royal Botanical Gardens, there’s plenty to keep you occupied which is why moving to Melbourne is so popular.

Living costs in Melbourne

Cost of living in Melbourne is known as being quite high but is affordable in comparison to the steep prices in London. Grocery prices however are around 35% higher in Melbourne than in the UK. This is probably due to many grocery products in England being subsidised to make it more affordable. Below is an overview of some of the grocery price differences between UK and Melbourne:

ProductPrice (UK)Price (Melbourne)

How much will your move cost you?

Melbourne is not close by all means! Therefore shipping costs will usually be quite high and can take around 6-9 weeks. The main factors that will affect the cost of your move are as followed:

  • Household size
  • Insurance
  • Type of travel
  • Additional services

Although Insurance as mentioned can affect the cost of your move it is a key priority, especially when moving such a far distance. A lot can go wrong on the long journey when moving to Melbourne and we want your move to be as carefree as possible.

On average a 3 bed house moving to Melbourne from London by sea will cost around £6,900 – £9,400. 

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Tip before your move to Melbourne

There are many features that differ a lot in comparison to the UK. A prime example being the climate in Melbourne where temperatures are around 30 degree Celsius. The more important features that need to be considered before moving to Melbourne include:

  • Visa – This is the most important feature before your move. Without a visa you cannot live in Melbourne, simple. To find out more information about requirements when applying for a visa visit our other Sirelo page on visas in Australia
  • Health insurance – Medicare is the healthcare in Australia. A health card must be applied for and then some medical care is free. The government however recommend to apply for private health insurance as unlike in the UK not everything is covered under medicare and other treatments will cost you an arm and a leg. Visit our page to find our more information about healthcare in Australia
  • Bank – Taking money out using your UK bank account will cost you a hell of a lot in transferal fee’s due to currency differences. It is advised to open a local bank account. If not find out more about ways to transferal money abroad to suit you best. The main banks in Melbourne include:
  • Diplomas -Recognising deplomas abroad can prove problematic. Websites that can assist you in the exchange of them inlucde:
  • Pets – When entering Australia there are certain regulations and requirements that pets must meet. Find out more information on our page about bringing your pet overseas
  • Mail – Make sure all your mail is redirected so you don’t miss out on any important mail.
  • Subscriptions – Cancel all subscriptions to avoid paying extra for a service you aren’t using.

Removals to melbourne

Finding your new crib

As previously mentioned, Melbourne is a very popular expat destination so it is usually common for house sharing to occur. Home security isn’t usually an issue in Melbourne so expats should feel safe and at home here. Expats moving for the short term will usually opt in for renting apartments, this is fairly straight forward and usually done using:

  • Internet searches
  • Newspapers
  • Window advertisements

It is usually advised to always find a short term accommodation before settling into a more permanent location in Melbourne. . Getting a temporary place will give you the chance to check out and investigate the different neighbourhoods before moving to Melbourne. This allows you to choose the most suitable neighbourhood for you.

Due to high rent prices, young expats and students often share accommodation with other people. Shared accommodation is quite common in Australia, hence Ads for house-sharing can be found in most newspapers and magazines. Lodging or boarding with a host or host family is also quite common among young people in Australia, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. Students from overseas are wise to apply for a place in the residence halls of their university immediately after their acceptance in order to avoid the struggles of finding an appropriate accommodation.

On average rental and buying prices are around 40% less in Melbourne in comparison to London. Below is an overview of some apartment prices:

Price LondonPrice Melbourne
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre£1,683.28£1,055.90
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre£1,163.57£770.91
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre£3,103.21£1,794.66
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre£1,952.27£1,213.30
Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre£14,226.32£5,055.09
Price per Square Meter to Buy Outside Centre£7,441.22£3,720.89

moving to Melbourne

Transportation in Melbourne

Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses are an easy way to see all of the city’s best attractions, sporting venues and shopping precincts.

All you need is a myki card and you’ll be ready to travel around the city.  A myski card is a reusable travel card for trains, trams and buses in Melbourne and regional Victorian centres, it only costs $6. All you need to do is top up before your journey. touch on and touch off at a myki reader as you travel.

Where you can use myki:

  • Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses
  • V/Line trains between metropolitan Melbourne and Eaglehawk/Epsom, Seymour, Traralgon, Waurn Ponds and Wendouree
  • Buses in Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Seymour, the Latrobe Valley and Warrag ul.

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