Moving to Austria
The Complete Relocation Guide

Looking for help with your move to Austria from the UK? You’ve come to the right place! While we may be jealous of your international removal to Austria, which is such a beautiful alpine country, we want to help! So, read Sirelo’s expert guide to learn more about moving costs as well as living and working in the Musical Centre of the Europe. You might even pick up a few hints, tricks, and free removal quotes along the way!

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Cost of Moving to Austria from the UK

Moving to Austria is a big step for anyone as it requires a lot of planning and budgeting. An international removal may seem daunting, but we’re here to tell you don’t worry! So, let’s jump into the cost of removals from UK to Austria! 😊

Moving country can be stressful because of how expensive it can get. Thus, before looking at the estimated prices for a removal to Austria, you might be interested in reading our page on international moving costs. This way, you know what to expect and might even save on your move!

Belo you can find the estimated costs of moving to Austria from London by road. It’s important to remember this is only an average based on past removals.

Size of HouseholdTimeCost
1 bed flat9-12 days£1,700 – £2,600
3 bed house2-4 days£2,850 – £4,100
5 bed house2-4 days£4,700 – £6,600

Why does a 1-bed flat take longer? Well, it because it’s more commonly completed with a shared shipping container. Therefore, your belongings will have to wait for others before they are moved and unpacked.

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Checklist for Moving to Austria

Planning is key when it comes to a successful international removal. By planning in advance, you avoid unwanted surprises in your moving journey. Hence, we’ve created this moving to Austria checklist. Additionally, you can use our moving abroad checklist for more general advice on moving!

Before You Go:

✔️ Visas

Are you a holder of an EU or EEA passport? Great news, you don’t need a visa to move to Austria. However, you will need to register your address within 3 days of arrival!

Unfortunately, if you’re moving to Austria after Brexit as a UK citizen, non-EU or non-EEA national, then you’ll need a visa to move to Austria. You will need to meet the Austrian government’s entry requirements and apply for permanent residency.

For more information, check out the UK Government’s guidance for living in Austria or read our Moving to Europe After Brexit blog for more advice about your move to Austria.

✔️ Important Documents

Before you up and leave, there are some key documents that you might want to locate or prepare. Preparing them early will save you a lot of time later on, and having time later is always for the best. Finally, keep them in a safe place and maybe even duplicate them:

  • Passport
  • Residency Permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Documentation (including dental and immunizations)
  • University Degree(s)
  • Police Records

✔️ Choosing a Removal Company

If you intend to move with most of your household belongings, finding a removal company to help you move to Austria should be a priority. When choosing, you should consider using one of the top international removal companies in the UK.

✔️ Packing

If there’s one part of a removal from the UK to Austria that you can’t forget, it’s packing. You don’t want to leave all your prized possessions behind, nor should you! For help, you can read our expert guide on packing, it’s sure to help.

✔️ Taxes

Unless you want to be taxed in the UK and Austria, you need to inform HM Revenue and Customs that you’re moving abroad. On the subject of taxes in Austria, our advice is to seek professional advice.

✔️ Pets

If you want to bring your pet with you when you move to Austria, ensure that they meet the following requirements:

  • Vaccinations up to date
  • Microchipped
  • Certificate of vaccination against rabies
  • General certificate of health

Moving to Austria

After You Arrive:

✔️ Register Your Address

When you finally arrive in Austria, you likely want to start unpacking and setting up. However, before you get to enjoying your new surrounds, you should register your address as soon as possible. It’s required that you do so within 3 days of your arrival!

✔️ Healthcare

With compulsory health insurance, as soon as you start working in Austria, you are covered through the deductions from your salary. However, public health insurance isn’t comprehensive. Thus, you may want private health insurance, to cover additional costs or use private healthcare.

You can always read more about healthcare in Austria so you’re well prepared.

✔️ Driving in Austria

With well-maintained roads and excellent scenic routes, driving in Austria is an excellent choice to get around the country. There are some regulations that you will need to consider first though:

  • You will need an international drivers’ licence
  • Drivers must have a reflective safety vest in their car at all times
  • For motorcyclists, wearing helmets are mandatory and the dimmed headlight must be turned on even during the day

✔️ Banking

If you don’t like conversion fees and want to easily visit your bank, then opening a local bank account would be a wise decision. To help, we’ve listed a few of the big Austrian banks so you can plan ahead:

✔️ Learning German

Sprechen sie Deutsch? Well, the Austrians do and if you want to integrate, then you should too! You might want to consider taking lessons before you move to Austria, however, there’s nothing quite like immersion learning to pick up a language quickly!

Life in Austria

A removal to Austria is one thing but living in the alpine country is another. In order you get you prepared for life at high altitude, let’s look at the cost of living in Austria and finding a job. However, to learn even more about Austria’s lifestyle and culture, check out our living in Austria page!

Living Costs in Austria

The living costs in Austria are higher than its neighbour Germany, but it does vary from region to region. Below are some figures where you can see that it’s fairly similar to the UK:

1-bed flat city centre£750£625
3-bed house city centre£1,250£1,175
Basic monthly utilities£156£175
1L of milk£0.90£0.95
0.5L of draught beer£3.75£3.33
1L of gasoline£1.27£1.02

Finding a job in Austria

Austria is among one of the countries with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union at 5.7% in 2017. So, working in Austria does look appealing!

However, it can be hard to find a job in Austria, especially if you don’t speak the language. So, if you’re moving to Austria without a job waiting for you, it’s best to brush up on your German skills and have a look online for job opportunities.

Below are some online portals you can use:

It’s good to bear in mind what you will have to pay regarding income tax. You will have to start paying taxes in Austria when you are living and working in Austria for more than 6 months, which is based on a progressive tax system. For more information, you can read our taxes in Austria page.

Moving to Austria

Ready to Move to Austria?

Phew! You’ve made it to the end. We hope that the path to your move to Austria is clearer, and what an exciting move it will be. Austria has so much more to offer than its stunning natural beauty and access to ski slopes, as you’ll find out after you move.

Before you head off, while we’ve covered a lot about removals to Austria, there are other aspects that we haven’t even broached. Goodness, there’s so much to know. So, just follow one of the links below and you’ll be on a learning journey. And before you know it, you’ll be a fully-fledged moving expert!

Finally, we just want to say good luck with your move. We know it’ll go swimmingly! 😊