Moving to Austria

This page provides all the information and advice that you may need when you’re moving to Austria. If you’re interested in more advice on moving to another country, read our moving abroad page.

Visas to Austria

Luckily, if you’re moving to Austria as a UK citizen, then you can do so for up to 90 days without legal permission. After this, you will have to apply for permanent residency. You must prove that you have enough money to finance your stay, so if you have permanent work in Austria, you can get a residence permit for five years.

Regarding visas to Austria, as a member of the EU, you don’t require a visa. However, we’re not sure how this will change after Brexit. Read our Moving to Europe After Brexit blog for more advice.

Living in Austria

If you’re planning on moving to Austria, then having an idea what you can expect life to be like in Austria is a good idea! Read on to find out more on driving, housing , living costs and what living in Austria is like!

Driving in Austria

With well-maintained roads and excellent scenic routes, driving in Austria is an excellent choice to get round the country. There are some regulations that you will need to consider first though:

  • You will need an international drivers licence
  • Drivers must have a reflective safety vest in their car at all times
  • For motorcyclists, wearing helmets are mandatory and the dimmed headlight must be turned on even during the day
  • Permissible alcohol limit is 0.5 per mill.

If you are planning on transporting your car to Austria, then we recommend only bringing vehicles that aren’t newly bought. If your car is not older than 6 months and has a higher mileage than 6,000 km, then you will have to pay an income tax of 20%. You can either drive yourself, or use a removal company who will put your car into a container and ship it for you. Take a look at our container shipping costs page for more advice and information.

The standard consumption tax (NoVA) of 16% is payable at the time of initial registration. If the car is self-imported, this tax must be calculated independently and transferred to the tax office. The fees for admission to a local regulatory authority are approximately € 170.

Moving to Austria

Housing in Austria

There are several ways that you can find a place to live before moving to Austria: local newspapers and, obviously, the internet are effective ways to find your dream home where you’ll be moving to. Below are some good portals that you can look on to find housing in Austria:

Living Costs in Austria

The living costs in Austria are higher than its neighbour Germany, but it does vary from region to region. Below are some figures to give you an idea on what to expect.

City scoresCosts per city
CityQuality of lifePurchasing powerSafetyHealth careCost of livingPollution
CityCappuccino price1L milk priceOne dozen eggs priceThree room apartment rent
Vienna£ 2,54£ 0,83£ 2,66£ 1.111,61

Work, Health and Moving Costs to Austria

Now that you’ve got a better idea on what it’s like living in Austria, now it’s time to understand how you can find a job, how to apply for healthcare and also what the costs of moving to Austria are. You can take a look at our international moving costs page for a better idea on how much things will cost for your move to Austria.

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Working in Austria

Austria is among one of the countries with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union at 5.7% in 2017. So, working in Austria does look appealing! However, it can be hard to find a job in Austria, especially if you don’t speak the language. So, if you’re moving to Austria without a job waiting for you, it’s best to brush up on your German skills and have a look online for job opportunities.

The AMS ( Arbeitsmarktservice) is a government institution dedicated to help unemployed people finding jobs. Companies simply post the jobs available to the AMS and will receive a list of candidates to interview. You must be officially registered and unemployed in Austria in order to use the AMS service and to get your CV profile in their system. If EU citizens are already registered as unemployed in their home country, then they are also entitled to use the AMS service to find a job.

Below are some online portals you can use:

It’s good to bear in mind what you will have to pay regarding income tax. You will have to start paying taxes in Austria when you are living and working in Austria for more than 6 months, which is based on a progressive tax system. For more information, you can read our taxes in Austria page.

Moving to Austria to live there

Healthcare in Austria

Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will grant you access to state-provided healthcare at a reduced cost and in some cases for free. Healthcare in Austria is of a very high quality and is world renowned for their top quality medical services. So, you won’t have to worry about not being well looked after when moving to Austria. However, with top quality medical services, comes a high price. Furthermore, if you’re interested in getting private health insurance whilst living in Austria, then expect to pay a high price.

For more information, gives a good description of the healthcare reforms happening in Austria at the moment.

Cost of Moving to Austria

Size of HouseholdTimeCost
1 bed flat9-12 days£1,700 – £2,600
3 bed house2-4 days£2,850 – £4,100
5 bed house2-4 days£4,700 – £6,600

Above you can find the estimated costs of moving to Vienna from London by road. There are several factors that can affect the cost of moving to Austria: the distance , the volume and also whether you need additional services such as storage facilities. Every removal company is different, so it’s always best to research different removal companies reviews and also to compare quotes. If you’re not sure where to start, you can take a look at our list of the top 10 international removal companies of 2021.