Moving to Auckland

Last updated: April 9, 2020

Before moving to Auckland, there are many preparation factors you must undergo. For starters a visa is essential! Finding a job and a place to live is the next step on the agenda, but it is also important to know the relevant costs of your move. On this page we will discuss the most important and relevant factors you need t consider before moving to Auckland. Below is an overview of what we will discuss:

Moving to Auckland

How much will a move to Auckland cost?

Auckland has a very high quality of lifestyle which is why many choose to relocate to Auckland. The high quality life style is compromised with the high cost of living; however the prices are about the same as what we are used to in the UK. There are several ports around New Zealand which makes moving to Auckland quite straight forward. Although there are many ports, the far distance from the UK can sometimes be problematic. On average it will take about 6 to 9 weeks to ship your belongings to Auckland.

Household size, insurance type, type of transport and additional services are the main factors that will vary the cost of your move to Auckland. When moving to Auckland we would advise you not to cut back on costs. The city is very far away from the UK and a lot can go wrong on the long journey. To help make your move less stressful  we advise you take out a good insurance to protect your belongings in case they get lost of damaged on the journey. Below is an estimate for the prices when moving different household sizes by sea to Auckland:

Household sizeCost
1 bed£2,900 – £4,000
2 bed£3,900 – £5,300
3 bed£6,900 – £9,400
4 bed£7,400 – £10,000
5 bed£10,600 – £14,200

Shipping costs

There are many factors that will affect the cost when moving to Auckland. Having a door to door service will of course be more expensive than just shipping from a port in UK to a port in Auckland. A 20 ft container on average can fit a 1 or 2 bed house, just shipping will cost around £2,547 – £2,815. If your household size is larger then the next container size is usually 40 ft. A 40 ft container will fit on average a 4 bed household inside and will roughly cost about £4,839 – £5,349.

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Tips for your move to Auckland

A car is advised to work into your budget, although public transport is widely available in the centre of the city when venturing out they are less frequent and reliable. Public transport in Auckland is very expensive and cheap petrol prices can make getting a car a more favourable option.

What to remember

  • Visa – A visa is essential when moving to Auckland. Visit our page to find out more information about visas in New Zealand
  • IRD number – An IRD number is to ensure you are taxed correctly and not overcharged.
  • Healthcare – Similarly to the UK, healthcare in New Zealand is publicly funded for residents living there. It is however advised to still get out health insurance and the public system does not cover everything. Visit New Zealand’s government website for more information about whether you are eligible for public healthcare.
  • Finance – Getting a bank account will be important, the currency in New Zealand is different to the UK so you will encounter high charges and costs if transferring money over. You can also visit our page for more information on how to transfer money abroad

his number ensures that you are taxed at the correct rate, if not you will be charged from the highest bracket. For more information about this look at our taxes in New Zealand page.

How to find a home?

Looking for accommodation in Auckland will also be a priority for Expats moving to New Zealand at all. Most people or expats moving to New Zealand will choose to rent accommodation rather to buy one. To make finding a property easier, it is advised to first find a house or apartment for a few weeks to give you the opportunity to find accommodation for long term use.

Expats relocating to Auckland are advised to always make time to visit the neighbourhoods where they are interested living. Even if you do not have time to go there use google maps to check out the neighbourhood. In Auckland, you can either rent your own accommodation or share a house with somebody. Flatting or sharing housing is generally less expensive and can be a great option if you are moving to Auckland alone.

A tip for expats looking to rent accommodation in Auckland is to get some important documents ready that are generally required by an agent such as:

  • Letter of reference from your previous Landlord
  • Letter of employment
  • Get a reference from someone in New Zealand
  • Copy of credit card
  • Copy of your Identity card/Driving licence

Always arrive early for a viewing and if you haven’t checked out the neighbourhood in person yet, you can do this before the property is shown to you. Make sure to ask all the questions you want, especially concerning the state of the property and the utilities. Some landlords cover the water supply and the upkeep of the garden if there is one.

Keep in mind that if you are renting through an agent, you will need to pay the agent for his service which is usually 1 week’s rent plus GST (goods and services tax). Generally, you are required to pay 4 week’s bond in addition to the 2 week’s rent that you may be required to pay in advance. The bond will be refunded to you, provided you leave the property in the condition it was in before you rented it. Any damages will be subtracted from your bond.

Moving to Auckland

Where to find a job in Auckland

Expats moving to Auckland will find it top priority to find work in this city, after all bills will need to be paid. Some industries or sectors that Expats immigrating to Auckland will most likely find work in are as follows:

  • ICT
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Engineering

People moving to Auckland will have a higher chance of finding work in New Zealand if the sector of work or job is in the New Zealand’s skills shortage list. Expats are advised to start job hunting online before making the move to Auckland. One of the programmes put in place to help people moving to New Zealand find their bearings in a new work environment is the New Kiwis programme. There are many online platforms to help expats and immigrants find work in New Zealand. Additionally, it is advised to keep track of vacancies advertised in local newspapers. Networking is a good way of finding work as well. You can attend career fairs, business events or connect with people and companies in Auckland online, for example on Linkedin.

Transportation in Auckland

Public transport in Auckland is widely available in the city; however if you are wanting to explore more it is advised you invest in buying a car. There still is public transport in less urban areas, but it is less frequent and not always reliable. The public transport is known for being very expensive, below is the costs of travelling by train or bus.

Adult (single ticket)Fare (£)
City Link £0.57
1 zone£1.99
2 zones£3.13
3 zones£3.99
4 zones£5.13
5 zones£5.70

It is wise to purchase an AT Hop card which is for Auckland’s public transport system and offers discounts of up to 20% on routes. It costs $10 (New Zealand dollars) to purchase a card and then can be topped up at any machine near the trains or busses.

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