Moving to Thailand

Want to make that dream of moving to Thailand one step closer to reality? Then look no further. If you, like many others, want to know more about how to move to Thailand from the UK, read on for money-saving tips and tricks surrounding your move. We will provide you with all the information you need about moving costs to Thailand from the UK, what you need to organise for your move, and a sneak peak into what your life in Thailand will look like. With a little help from Sirelo, we promise you will be in the Land of Smiles before you know it!  

How Much does a Move to Thailand from the UK Cost?

Let’s start by getting the bad news out of the way. Unfortunately, moving abroad rarely comes cheap. The main factors that will influence the cost of your move are distance, mode of transport and volume. If you are unsure of the latter, we have got you covered! Use our handy removal volume calculator to work out how much you will be taking on your move to Thailand. Then proceed to request up to five free removal quotes from us! 

To give you a sneak peak of what to expect to pay, below is a table indicating our estimates of the cost of moving to various locations in Thailand from the UK. For more information, our removal costs page provides general advice on the expenses of moving house 

Destination1 bedroom flat3 bedroom house5 bedroom house
Chon Buri£1,350-£1,500£2,000-£2,250£3,000-£3,500
Samut Prakan£1,450-£1,600£2,250-£2,500£3,350-£3,750

Disclaimer: all the figures above are just estimates. Costs will vary depending on your exact point of departure/ arrival and service rates of the company.  


Moving to Thailand During COVID-19

Unfortunately, like many other things, the outbreak of COVID-19 has put a spanner in the works for those looking to move to Thailand from the UK. Please visit our COVID-19 and Moving House page for general information about how the pandemic might affect your move. However, an important disclaimer here: currently, there is very strict limitations on who can enter Thailand. You must fulfil certain criteria to be permitted into the country. To check whether you qualify, please visit the government website. 

A Checklist: What will you Need to Move to Thailand?

We know that moving comes with a million and one things to remember. But do not worry, we have done the hard work for you and compiled a moving abroad checklist. However, moving to Thailand from the UK comes with unique twists and turns. Once again, we have got you covered! Read on for tips for moving to Thailand. Follow this guide, and we promise that your move will be smooth sailing.  

What Visa will you need as a British citizen moving to Thailand?

For most UK citizens, an appropriate visa is required when emigrating to ThailandIf you intend to stay in Thailand for less than 60 days, and do not intend to work, you are in luck; no visa is required. However, for those of you looking to settle, there are several visa options available to you.   

  • One year non-immigrant visa: this is a multiple entry visa, meaning every 90 days you have to leave and re-enter the country. It gives you the right to work legally.  
  • Business visa: this visa is designed for those who want to do business legally in Thailand. However, like the non-immigrant visa, you have to do the ‘visa-run’ every 90 days.  
  • Retirement visa: this visa allows the holder to spend one year or more in Thailand, with multiple entries. To qualify you must be over 50, and meet certain financial requirements.  

We hope that this has given you some clarity as to what visa might be applicable to you. However, this is not an exhaustive list. For more information please visit the Thai Embassy websiteWe know this is a lot to take in, but those dreams of white sandy beaches and clear ocean waters should be enough to keep you going.  

Moving to Thailand

Planning on Bringing a Pet?

Did you know? In Thailand, it is not uncommon for pets to become celebrities! As a result, the pet industry is booming.  

First, for the good news: moving your pet to Thailand is indeed possible. However, it does require several weeks of preparationIn order for your pet to join the growing Thai pet population, they will need:  

  • To be microchipped  
  • To have an inactivated rabies vaccination, along with a certificate  
  • To have an import permit from the Bangkok Animal Quarantine Station  

We know this sounds scary, but if you start planning early, you’ll be sure not to leave any furry friends behind. We recommend this page for more information.

And What About Your Car?

Top tip for moving to Thailand: leave your car behind if at all possibleUnless of course you love mountains of paperwork and high costs. We thought not…  

If you plan on having your car in Thailand for less than six months, then you are one of the lucky ones; no taxes or import duties have to be paid. If you plan on staying any longer than six months, taxes and import duties can amount to around 200% of the vehicle’s value. You will also require the following paperwork:  

  • A valid visa  
  • A work permit, valid for at least one year  
  • An import declaration form  
  • A bill of landing or airway bill 
  • Sale documents  
  • The delivery order  
  • Foreign Transaction From (if the value of the vehicle exceeds 500,000 Bhat)  
  • An insurance premium invoice  

Phew…That’s a lot of information to take in. If you require further information about transporting your vehicle when moving to Thailand from the UKwe recommend Siam Shipping.

Moving to Thailand A Checklist

Life as a British Expat in Thailand

Thailand is otherwise known as The Land of Smiles for a reason. Sounds to us like the place to be! The golden beaches, dazzling temples and vibrant nightlife make it the most popular Asia Pacific destination for expats. However, when considering a move to Thailand from the UK, there are a few more things to consider.  

The Cost of Living in Thailand

Now you have worked out the costs associated with your move to Thailand from the UK, it is also important to consider how much you are likely to spend while you are there. You can expect to pay 27% less on daily items in Thailand! To give you a general idea of what things cost in Thailand, the table below shows average cost of living metrics, compared to the UK.  

Sirelo top tip: do not be surprised if different prices are charged for locals and tourists; this is common practice in Thailand.  

Rent for 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre£363£758
Basic monthly utilities for 85m2 apartment£60£155
1L of milk£1.31£0.91
0.5L of draught beer£1.69£3.63
1L of gasoline£0.72£1.27

Of course exact prices will depend on where in Thailand you choose to relocate. If you still need to find a place to live, we recommend the following sites:  

Temples in Thailand

Planning to Work in Thailand?

If you are planning on working in Thailand, take note that the working week can look quite different from what you are used to. Do not be surprised if you end up consistently working 50 hour-plus weeksBut at least you can cool off in the clear blue sea afterwards! Common job opportunities in Thailand include sales, IT, engineering and accounting 

If you are moving to Thailand from the UK and are still seeking employment, we recommend the following websites:  

Have You Organised Your Healthcare?

If you have got to this point, you are doing really well, so hang on in there! When it comes to healthcare in Thailand, you will have a couple of options. Some more good news: healthcare in Thailand is generally of a quite high standard, and is generally relatively inexpensive. You can either:  

  • Have public healthcare: through the Universal Coverage Scheme. However, waiting times can be slow, and medical equipment out of date, and you will be restricted to receiving healthcare in the specific hospital you are assigned to. 
  • Have private healthcare: a more popular option for those emigrating to Thailand. Standards are high and there will be a higher proportion of English speakers.  

Please visit this webpage on healthcare in Thailand for more information, but we hope that this has helped you to reassure you in the meantime. Safety first!   

What Next?

We hope that this page has helped you feel a little more at east about your move to Thailand from the UK. Next, simply request up to five free removal quotes from us, sit back and swap those nerves for excitement. You are destined for a great adventure! 

Some final Sirelo top tips: look out for the indigenous Thai fish that can walk on land. Oh, and don’t forget to miss the annual Thai monkey festival. Yes, you heard right; in November every year, locals invite over 600 monkeys to feast on a buffet of over two tonnes of food!