Moving Furniture: How to Carry Out Your Furniture Removal

Last updated: January 22, 2020

Written by our experts in moving, follow these steps to move your furniture safely and securely. Your mover will do the heavy lifting, but our guide will help you make furniture removal go as smoothly as possible.

Decide Which Furniture to Take

The more furniture you take with you, the bigger the cost of moving will be, as you will need a bigger truck. Sometimes it is easier and more cost effective to throw away or sell old pieces of furniture and buy new ones at your destination. Make an inventory of your furniture so you know what to take and what to throw away. It is also useful to note if any items are fragile.

Tip! Use our removal volume calculator to see how much furniture you are taking with you!

Disassemble Your Furniture

Once you have decided which furniture you want to take with you, you might need to disassemble some of them so that they will fit in the moving truck or container. Not everything can be taken apart, of course, but furniture that you will typically need to disassemble are:

  • Beds – take apart your bed and bed frames, and then tape the bed frames together
  • Cabinets
  • Drawers – if you have heavy dressers, then take the drawers out and carry them to the truck individually. Upon loading the dresser into the truck, you can put the drawers back in and tape them shut.
  • Wardrobes
  • Tables – When you take apart table legs, roll them into large rugs or carpets.
  • Lamps – take the bulbs out and put them in separate container so the glass doesn’t smash.
  • Desks
  • Sofas – make sure to remove the cushions!

Note that it can be a good idea to keep certain furniture assembled to help you pack smaller items, for example, you could fill a bedside table with books. Don’t forget that if you remove any screws or hardware, to put them in a plastic bag and tape it to the furniture.

Tip!  Take pictures of your furniture so you know what they look like before you disassemble them – this will help you in your reassembly process. Even better is if you can take pictures at every step of disassembly.

furniture removal moving a sofa

Get Packing Materials

Now that you which furniture what you have to move, you will need to make sure you can pack them all properly so that they do not break during transit. You will need:

✔️ Old blankets or furniture covers

✔️ Plastic wrap

✔️ Bubble wrap

✔️ Cardboard

✔️ Styrofoam blocks

✔️ Newspaper

✔️ Tape (packing or masking)

✔️ Tools such as pliers, Allen wrenches and screwdrivers 

Pack Your Furniture

Once your furniture has been disassembled, you need to pack your furniture in the correct way to make the furniture removal safe.

  • Wrap the big pieces of furniture with blankets or furniture covers, and then secure the covers with plastic wraps
  • Cover glass and the ends of desks with cardboard
  • Protect fragile items in bubble wrap
  • Wrap mirrors using tape and cardboard or Styrofoam
  • Pack your television by covering it with cloth and securing it with plastic wrap
  • Your sofa should be wrapped with blankets and tape
  • Lamps should be covered with either bubble wrap or newspaper

Tip! Also packing moving boxes? Check out our moving boxes article for more information on what you’ll need.

moving heavy furniture

Moving Furniture onto the Truck

When loading the moving truck, it will mainly be the removal company who actually pick up and move the furniture onto the container. However, you still might need to move the furniture nearer to the truck, so be aware of some points to keep in mind:

  • Group the items by how heavy they are. Heaviest items need to go against the walls to make distribute the weight evenly for driving
  • Fragile items such as mirrors and pictures will need to go between mattresses or other soft items
  • Your sofa, mattress and box spring can be used to cushion other items
  • Items with drawers should be facing the truck walls so the drawers can’t open too much
  • Bigger items of furniture will have to be stacked horizontally to save space

Unpack Your Furniture

You want your home to be set up and functioning as quickly as possible. The first items should be the necessary ones you cannot do without (such as your coffee machine!). Then you should work room by room. The bedrooms should come first so that you know you will have a place to sleep no matter when you get tired. A good goal for the first full day is to make your kitchen and dining areas fully functional. After that, you can set up your living rooms, dens and offices. Finally, you can start putting the finishing decorative touches.

Tip! Don’t forget to hang up curtains early on for privacy purposes!

What Next?

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