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Moving to India from the UK

A Guide from Sirelo

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If you’re planning a removal to India from the UK, you’re likely eager to be there already for the great food, important cultural sites, and plenty of natural beauty. Well. we’re glad to help you find your way to living in the world’s largest democracy! So, read our guide for moving costs, an essential checklist, and even free removal quotes for your move to India from the UK. Your life in Bharat awaits you! 😊

Cost of Moving to India from the UK

No idea where to start when it comes to your move to India? From our experience, the first thing to look at is the cost of removals from the UK to India. It’s a great way to set expectations and make sure that your move fits your budget!

But before we get to our estimates for the price of international removals from the UK to India, check out our international moving costs page! As your price will vary based on several factors, it’s best to get familiar with them.

Based on previous moves and insights we gained from international movers in India, the following estimates will give you an idea of the cost of international removals from the UK to India for different household sizes:

Size of HouseholdTimeCost
1-bed flat6-12 weeks£2,700 – £4,800
3-bed house4-8 weeks£6,000 – £10,000
5-bed house4-8 weeks£9,500 – £15,700

If you’re wondering why a 1-bed flat will take longer, it’s due to the fact that it will be part of a larger shipment. A small move to India won’t fill a container, so your belongings will need to wait on others.

Packers and Movers UK to India

Moving to India from the UK? Rely on the best international services for removals to India to ensure a seamless transition to your new home! 👇

1. Eagle Relocations

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3. Global Moving Services

4. Solaris Relocations

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Visas for India

If you’re moving back to India from the UK with either an Indian passport or permanent residency then you won’t need a visa, so you can skip to the next section.

For UK citizens that are looking to move to India, you’ll need to apply for a long-term visa. Furthermore, if you wish to work, you’ll need to obtain a work permit, which your employer will do on your behalf. We recommend visiting the Indian Embassy in the UK for more information about visas.

Upon arrival in India, you must register with the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Officer within 14 days.

Moving to India Checklist

Moving to India from the UK, or any country for that matter is a big step. But there’s no need to panic – we’re here to help you with the process! Have a look at our moving abroad checklist for general help and advice.

Naturally, we imagine you would like a checklist that’s a little more specific to India, and we’ve got you covered. So, read on for a little moving to India checklist.

Important documents

As with any move, you’ll need to have some important documents at the ready. We listed the most important, which you should keep safe and even make duplicates:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Documentation (including dental and immunizations)
  • University Degree(s) and qualification(s)
  • Police Background Check
  • Visa

✔️ Find an International Removal Company

Since removals from the UK to India is no small feat, it becomes even more imperative that you find a removal company that is of high quality, and you can trust. Thus, consider investigating the top international removal companies in the UK to find the right company for your move to India.

✔️ Pack

If there’s one thing that you can never start soon enough, it’s packing. It can be a stressful endeavour but starting in advance and planning how you would like to pack for furniture removal to India makes a world of difference. If you want a thorough guide, then read our expert packing guide! It’s got all the packing advice you could ever want.

✔️ Taxes

If you don’t want to stress about tax issues with the government, be sure to inform HMRC before you move to India. It’ll save a major headache!

Of course, if you work in India, you’ll also need to pay taxes. To do this, apply for a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from the Indian Tax Department.

Moving to India

✔️ Healthcare

Another thing to consider is what you’re going to do about your healthcare. There are still big differences in the healthcare system in India, between rural and urban areas and also between the private and public sectors.

A lot of Indian citizens turn to private healthcare, as they offer world-class quality healthcare at a fraction of the price of developed countries. So, this should be something that you look up before moving to India.


A little bit of healthcare advice before you move to India from the UK: make sure you get the right vaccinations before you leave! Book an appointment with your GP or the travel nurse and they can advise you on what vaccinations you will need 😊

✔️ Banking

One thing that you should check before moving is whether or not your bank has operations in India, you might be surprised, and it could save you from the hassle of opening a new bank account. If you do need to open a local account, here are some of the largest banks in India for your consideration:

✔️ Moving Pets to India

If you’re planning on moving pets to India, then there are some requirements that you need to take care of before you leave:

  • Pet Microchip
  • Import Permit
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Health Certificate

You may only take up to two dogs and cats with you, unfortunately, any other type of animal is not permitted. For more information visit the pet travel’s information page on immigration to India with pets.

Did you know? One of our favourite childhood games originated in India! Snakes and Ladders was originally created to teach young children about morals and lessons about karma – who would have thought it would become a worldwide board game!

Life in India

India offers a very diverse and exciting lifestyle for incoming expats. Whether you’ve decided to move to bustling Delhi or the business centre of Mumbai, you are guaranteed to experience a complete culture shift from the UK – How exciting!

Infographic with facts about India

Cost of Living in India

The cost of living in India is one of the most popular reasons for moving to India. However, despite low living costs, wages are also very low. So, unless you are emigrating to India with a western company, you may expect your wages to reflect the very low living costs.

Rent for 3-bed apartment in city centre£1,220£275
Basic monthly utilities for 85m2 apartment£150£30
1L of milk£0.92£0.51
0.5L draught beer£3.80£1.48
1L of gasoline£1.266£0.87

The Indian Culture

Something that you should definitely prepare for when moving to India, is the massive difference in culture. Indian culture is very different to the culture in the UK: the food, languages, religion and even how shopping is done, are all things that you should be aware of before packing your bags!

Fun fact: There are 23 official languages in India but in reality, there are around 780 languages spoken in the country! Good news for you though – it is also the second-largest English-speaking country, second to the USA, so you should have no issues with communication!

Working in India

The IT industry in India is growing fast, as well as engineering, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical sectors. So, if you’re planning on moving to India for a job in one of these sectors, you’re in luck.

For help finding work in India, you can use people you already know or personal contacts. However, if you don’t know anyone then you can use online portals such as:

Ready to Move to India from the UK?

Hurrah! You’ve reached the end of the article. With all the knowledge we’ve imparted to you, you’ll find international removals from the UK to India to be a breeze. We’re sure you’ll take to the challenge like a duck to water.

However, should you not feel prepared, that’s understandable since it’s a big step. To help reassure yourself, why not take a gander at some more articles about moving we’ve written, it’ll put your mind at ease. Just click one of the links below to start your journey and good luck!