Moving to Italy from the UK
Your Guide for Moving to the Bel Paese

If you are planning an international removal from the UK to Italy then congratulazioni, you are in the right place! This page contains the most important things you need when moving to Italy, including moving costs, checklists and free removal quotes. Read on and you will find yourself in Bel Paese in no time.

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Removal Costs for a UK to Italy Move

Budgeting effectively is essential for any removals to Italy that are on the table. That is why we have put together the following table, which indicates the cost of moving to Rome from London via road.

While we hope this gives you a greater understanding of the cost of international removals to Italy before you crack on it is important to note that these are merely estimates and the only way to receive accurate numbers is to request free removal quotes from us.

Property SizeTimeAverage Cost
1-bedroom9 – 13 days£2,100 – £2,900
2-bedroom3 – 5 days£2,600 – £3,600
3-bedroom3 – 5 days£3,500 – £4,700
4-bedroom3 – 5 days£4,600 – £6,200
5-bedroom3 – 5 days£5,700 – £7,800

Disclaimer. The moving costs in the above table are merely estimates and are subject to change depending on distance, volume, and your individual needs.

Tip! The exact distance travelled and the volume of your possessions are the biggest determinants of removal costs. Not sure of the latter? Our handy furniture volume calculator is here to help!

We hope this has given you a better idea of how much money, or soldi, you will need to spend when moving to Italy from the UK. To understand how these costs are calculated, visit our international moving costs page.

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Removals to Italy can be made easier with help from a professional removal company. However, finding a company to help with international removals to Italy can be quite time-consuming and even stressful! Who wants to call dozens upon dozens of removal firms to find one that can help?

Fortunately, you’re on Sirelo and we’ll happily help you find up to 5 companies that can aid you with removals to Italy. No need to spend hours talking on the phone, just click below and receive removal quotes today!

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Visas for Moving to Italy

Perhaps the most important thing to think about before planning a removal to Italy is your visa. Luckily, if you are an EU citizen holding an EU passport, you do not require any visas for Italy. If you are a non-EU national (which sadly now includes UK citizens), you can also travel to Italy without a visa, as long as your stay is no longer than three months. If you are planning on moving to Italy permanently, then you will have to apply for a residence permit.

Moving to Italy after Brexit

The great thing is that you can still move, you just need to go through the visa application, and we’re happy to start you on your way. So, what do you need to do?

We recommend you start by visiting the Italian government’s page to find out if you need a visa to move to Italy. It will also list any additional documentation that you will need, very handy, right!

You will then need to gather the necessary documentation and apply at the local embassy or consulate. Where do you need to apply? That depends on where you are living! If you live in England or Wales (and associated islands), please apply at the London Embassy. If you are living in Scotland or Northern Ireland, please apply at the Consulate in Edinburgh.

One final thing, you need to register at the local Questura (police station), to get your permesso di soggiorno within 8 days of your arrival.

Moving to Italy

A Complete Moving to Italy Checklist

While the Italians are not known for their organisational skills, that doesn’t give you an excuse to do the same! An essential ingredient for a successful move is curating a meticulous checklist. Sound exhausting? You’re in luck – we have created a moving to Italy from the UK checklist that can help you.

Before moving to Italy:

  • DocumentsGather together all your important documents and store them in a safe and accessible location.
    • Birth Certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Medical Documentation (including dental and immunizations)
    • University Degree(s)
    • Job Contract
    • Financial Statements
    • Nulla Osta from the relevant Italian authorities, if necessary
  • Find a removal companyPutting your possessions in the hands of others is stressful! Find the perfect removal company through our quote form or check out our list of top international moving companies.
  • PackIt’s never too early to start packing! Read our expert packing guide to help you on your way.
  • Taking a pet? If you are moving to Italy with a dog or a cat, they must fulfil the following criteria:
    • Have a pet passport.
    • Be microchipped.
    • Have up to date vaccinations, including against rabies.
    • Have up-to-date health certificates.
  • DrivingIt’s safe to say that Italians aren’t known for their safe driving either. However, if you do plan on taking your four-wheels when moving to Italy, it needs to be registered, taxed and insured before making the journey.
  • Tax Make sure you inform HMRC that you are moving to Italy from the UK to avoid being taxed twice.

Note! If you are itching for a more detailed overview, our general moving abroad checklist holds all the answers.

Once you have moved to Italy:

  • Residence permit – If you are staying in Italy for more than three months, you will need a Permesso di Soggiorno. This process can take up to six months so we recommend getting it underway immediately upon moving to Italy. Apply at the local Questura (police station)
  • Healthcare – As in the UK, healthcare is state-funded. So, if you are working, you will be covered. You just need to get your permit and register first. If you will not be contributing through taxation, you may have to pay. Find out more from the UK government’s page on healthcare in Italy.
  • Open a bank account – To avoid extortionate exchange rates, open a local bank account. A good place to start is on the following websites:
    • Unicredit SpA
    • Intesa Sanpaolo
    • Banco BMP
    • UBI Banca

And last but not least, wave goodbye to cold British handshakes and start practising il bacetto; the air kiss on the cheek is an integral part of Italian greeting and culture.

Living and Working in Italy

Did you know? La Traviata holds the reign as the most performed opera in the world. So why not get into the Italian spirit and listen to Verdi’s masterpiece as you read about living in Italy!

Listen to our Spotify playlist
and get ready to move!

Listen to our Spotify playlist
and get ready to move!

House removals to Italy are only one part of your move. At the end of the day, you’ll be living in Italy! Thus, to motivate you through all the intricacies of international removals to Italy, brighten your plans with the excitement and beauty of the country in which you’ll be living!

It is safe to say that Italy is steeped in history and culture, which is articulated in day-to-day life. This section aims to give you a better understanding of what life will look like once moving to Italy from the UK is complete.

Before we go any further, we think it is our moral duty to tell you that 63% of Italians eat pasta every day! So, if this isn’t your cup of tea, maybe stay in Old Blighty…

MetricUK AverageItalian Average
Monthly rent for 1-bed apartment in the city centre£750£552
Price per square metre to buy in the city centre£4,187£3,127
0.5L of draught beer£3.60£4.56
12 eggs£1.95£2.54
1L of gasoline£1.26£1.40

We hope these figures haven’t put too much of a downer on moving to Italy from the UK. If they have, this ought to cheer you up…

…Did you know? Italy has a free wine fountain. Yep, read that again – in Caldari di Ortona, there is a 24-hour wine fountain that spouts local produce. That is what dreams are made of!

Working in Italy

First things first, unless you speak good Italian, a lot of jobs will be difficult to acquire. That being said, moving to Italy does offer a good range of job opportunities from office jobs in the Northern cities to agriculture and farming in the South.

If you are yet to secure employment upon moving to Italy from the UK, the following job portals are a good place to start:

Housing in Italy

The high house prices are a factor to consider before moving to Italy. Although houses are usually old and small, they are usually well maintained. But the price isn’t the same everywhere. For example, the south of Italy is a lot cheaper than the north, this being said houses in popular cities will also be more expensive than those in small rural villages. Here are some tips when trying to find housing in Italy:

  • It is better to deal with an agency regarding leasing contracts and legal matters than with the owners of the properties directly.
  • Try to start the search for accommodation in the early months of the year and try to avoid the months of September and October. In September and October competition for accommodation is highest because students are looking for accommodation as well.
  • Detached houses are rare in major cities and big towns. There are usually flats or apartments.

Below are some websites you can use to find your home:

Moving to Italy to live there

Final Top Tips for Moving to Italy

At this point, you should have a pretty good grasp of how to move to Italy from the UK. Before we let you off the hook, we thought it might be useful to share some slightly random, but nonetheless important pointers.

  • Learn the language. Getting by in Italy without speaking Italian will be a challenge, to say the least. Even though Italians often have decent levels of English, meeting people and fully immersing yourself in your new home requires you to know more than buongiorno and arrivederci.
  • Clothes. It is safe to say that the Italian climate trumps the British. But, with Mediterranean heat comes a wardrobe revamp. Invest in some breathable items (and lots of sun cream!).
  • Healthcare. Waving goodbye to our trusted NHS is likely to be one of the hardest things when moving to Italy from the UK. Due to Italy’s ageing population and inconsistent standards, we recommend seeking private health insurance when moving to Italy.
  • Food. Get used to small breakfasts and pasta as a starter!

And last but not least, if you don’t usually drink espresso, you are going to have to change your ways. Italians consume 14 billion cups of the stuff every year!

Excited to Move to Italy?

Italy really is a beautiful country and while we’re extremely jealous that you’ll be moving there, we wish you the best with your house removal to Italy! However, before you do go, you can check out some of the links below. They cover even more useful information related to the moving process that you might find helpful!

For now, we wish you in bocca al lupo (an Italian saying meaning good luck) with your move to Italy. We hope you move with a smile. 😊

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