Moving to Cork

Last updated: April 15, 2019

Sirelo has put together all of the information that you need about moving to Cork. On this page you will learn how to find an apartment, how much it costs to move send your belongings abroad and how to get around the city on public transport etc.

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Moving to Cork

Moving to Cork

Situated on the south west coast of Ireland, Cork is often seen as the true Ireland, away from the increasingly internationalized Dublin. The city is loved by locals and expats like due to the traditionally architecture and proximity to the beach and countryside.

Corkonians are known for being a friendly bunch. The best place to mingle with the Irish is out and about, more specifically down the pub.

Cork is a beautiful and historical city with a great urban environment, but the best part is that the outskirts of the city has some of the most beautiful countryside in Ireland. The way of life may seem a bit slower than big cities in the UK but this means that people lead a more relaxed lifestyle and a higher quality of life.

How much does it cost to move to Cork?

As Ireland is so close to the UK it is not all that much more expensive than a national move. The main reason why it costs more than a national move is due to the fact that goods are transported between the two islands with a ferry, which also delays the process.

Other factors can also influence the price of your move include:

  • Extra services: Moving companies usually offer additional services such as professional packing and reassembling.
  • Insurance: Although this isn’t obligatory many movers recommend taking out insurance. There is a risk when it comes to handing all of your belongings to other people, therefore many movers opt for insurance. Make sure to shop around for the best rate.
  • Extra costs: There are always unexpected costs when it comes to moving abroad such as import taxes and tariffs. Make sure you plan a bit for contingency.

You can send your belongings to Cork in three ways. For a small move you can fly them across, this is the most expensive option and not necessarily quicker than other forms of transport (1-3 days). As you can see from the table below, the cheapest method of transporting your belongings is with a removals lorry. Additionally it is also a very quick mode of transport taking just 2-4 days for most moves. You may consider shipping your belongings, although it is possible to do this it is uncommon as it the most expensive way of moving in addition to being the slowest (taking between 4 and 8 weeks).

Household sizeOverland costMaritime Cost
1 bedroom£1,200 – £1,700£2,000 – £2,700
3 bedrooms£2,000 – £2,800£4,200 – £5,800
5 bedrooms£3,300 – £4,500£6,500 – £8,800
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Advice for your move to Cork

Opening a bank account

As Ireland is part of the Eurozone it is advisable to open an Irish bank account. To open a bank account you need a photo ID (passport or driving license) and proof of address in addition to one of the following documents:

  • a recent utility bill
  • a recent bank statement
  • correspondence from a government department or authority.

For the vast majority of banks you are only able to open a bank account in person, which means that you will struggle to open a bank account in Ireland if you don’t live there.

The most popular banks for expats include the Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Banks and Ulster Bank.

Irish Driving Licence

With a valid EU driving licence, it isn’t necessary to convert your UK driving licence to an Irish one if you don’t want to. Within 10 years of your licence expiring you will need to convert it, when this occurs you need to complete an application form.

Irish mobile phone networks

One of the most important things that you can do when moving abroad is to arrange a mobile phone contract. Independent telecommunications company RootMetrics compiled a report comparing phone networks. For Cork the three best companies were eir Meteor, Vodafone and Three respectively.

Moving to Cork

Finding residence in Cork

A 2016 survey revealed that Cork had the fifth most expensive property market in the Republic of Ireland. This means shows how there is good value for money when it comes to property in the city. If you want to get an idea for the market or even to buy a place online check out the websites and

Despite not being Ireland’s biggest city, Cork still has something to offer to all tastes.

Centre –  The centre is your best bet if you want to be in the heart of the city. This area is really happening and great for young and trendy professionals. Many think that due to the colourful houses and the fact that the city is built on hills make it look like a mini San Francisco. The centre has a plentitude of things to do so you’ll never be bored if you live here!

East – The east of the city is seen as the place to go with families. The schools here are some of the best in Cork and there are also wide open spaces for kids to play. Furthemore there are a lot of family things to do nearby such as the park and beaches, all of this is great for families.

Douglas – This is seen as the upmarket area with big houses and gardens. Obviously the word upmarket is associated with price so be prepared to pay a pretty penny if you want to live in a this lovely place.

Cobh and Kinsale – Slightly further out of the city you can find the neighbourhoods of Cobh and Kinsale. These areas are known for displaying natural beauty whilst being just a short commute to the city. The area gets quite a few tourists in the summer months and it is easy to see why, with natural beaches and rugged landscapes these areas offer a lot.

Differences between London and Cork

You may have heard several things about the cost of living in Ireland. For the most part the costs are comparative. To see how the cost of living in Cork compare with London check out the handy tables below. Bear in mind that London has the highest cost of living in the UK so when comparing with other UK cities prices may differ (especially when it comes to property).

Basic products

Basic lunchtime meal€10 (£9)£10-12%
500g chicken breast€3.71 (£3.18)£4.22-25%
1 litre milk€1.12 (£0.96)£0.91+5%
12 eggs€3.29 (£2.81)£3.22-13%
1kg of apples€2.17 (£1.86)£1.89-1%
1kg potatoes€1.03 (£0.88)£0.880%
0.5l domestic beer (in supermarket)€2.64 (£2.26)£1.82+24%
Bottle of quality wine€12 (£10)£9+13%
Bread€1.12 (£0.96)£0.96 0%

The cost of living in Cork is 3% cheaper than in London.

Property related costs

Monthly rent 85m2 (expensive area)€1,305 (£1,117)£2,370-53%
Monthly rent 85m2 (normal area)€1,143 (£979)£1,981-51%
Utilities 1 month, 2 people in 85m2 flat€151 (£129)£204-34%
Inrtenet 8Mbps€33 (£28)£22+29%

Housing costs in Cork are 41% cheaper than in the UK.

Working in Cork

For those looking to work in Cork will be able to find a variety of jobs. In addition to there being casual and unskilled work there are also some huge businesses based there. To get a job in Cork you will need a PPS, this is the equivalent of your national insurance number.

Casual work

You can find casual work in Cork the same ways you would as back home. Two of the biggest industries are hospitality and retail. There are many jobs available in these areas for those who want it, the best places to look here are shop and restaurant windows.

Skilled work

There are a variety of industries and big businesses to work for in Cork. One of the prominent industries is the IT industry. Huge multinationals such as Apple, Amazon, McAfee and Motorola have offices there, so there are good jobs and career industries there. There is also a booming finance sector in Cork,

Where to search for work

Obviously shop windows don’t work for larger corporations. With this in mind you can find work in Cork through the local newspapers such as the Evening Echo. Aside from that you can check out the websites, Monster or Indeed.

There is also an Irish Job Centre where you will be able to go in and fill in your details, you will then be matched with jobs for which you are deemed the ‘correct fit’.

Moving to Cork 3

Transport in Cork

Unlike other large cities there is no metro or tram system in Cork – the hills cause too many issues with this. Cork is quite a car friendly city so you won’t have as many problems driving as with other cities. Additionally there is a bus and rail service which serves the city and surrounding areas.

All parts of the city are accessible by bus route from the area of the city near St Patrick Street and Grand Parade.

There is also an excellent commuter rail service from Kent Station to Mallow, Cobh and Midleton which is an ideal and excellent way of exploring the city’s rich and historical hinterland.

For information on routes and prices check out the websites Bus Eireann and Irish Rail.

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