Moving to Liverpool

Last updated: April 15, 2020

Liverpool is a maritime city located in the northwest of the UK. Due to the city’s location and port, it was once considered the gateway to the rest of the world. The city has always been an attractive prospect for expats because of this and hosts a large international community. The population in Liverpool is estimated to be around 467, 500 in 2016. Although Liverpool has all the conveniences of a big metropolitan city, compared to other big cities, it has retained its community feel. People moving to Liverpool will find Liverpudlians to be both  friendly and welcoming. 

Moving to Liverpool - Liverpool harbour

Moving to Liverpool

Crowned the Capital of culture in 2008 and home to the world famous rock band “The Beatles”, Liverpool has much to be proud of. Liverpool boasts of stunning medieval and Victorian architecture to its music scene as well as its love for football. The city  is both exciting and vibrant, especially when it comes to its nightlife. Liverpool offers great variety from clubs to comedy venues and everything in close proximity. Oh! and if you are thinking of moving to Liverpool you can look forward to its beaches as well.

Working in Liverpool

As the gateway to the rest of the world, Liverpool’s economy was once mainly composed of maritime and industrial trade. This greatly saw to the city expansion and development. However, today the economy in Liverpool is dominated by the service sector. Many people are employed in the financial services, public administration, healthcare, retail and Education sectors.

Other Sectors which form a source of employment for many people are the scientific research and development sector as well as the technical sector. As Liverpool is the 5th most visited city in the UK, tourism is also a huge source of employment for people. People moving to Liverpool can therefore be assured of a wide range of work sectors and industries offering many job opportunities.      

A few major companies in Liverpool are as follows:

  • Jaquar Land Rover
  • B&M European Retail Value S.A
  • John West Foods
  • Tate & Lyle plc

The ideal situation for people moving to Liverpool would be to receive a job offer before making the move to the city. Although this may be difficult to achieve, it is strongly advised that people planning on moving should start their search for a job well before making the move. There are many online sources that list job vacancies like Moreover, by creating an online professional profile on a site such as Linkedin you can connect and network with people in your niche. Speculative applications and joining or registering with recruitment agency are also recommended.

Moving to Liverpool - Liverpool at night

Renting accommodation in Liverpool

Although in recent years the prices of renting accommodation has increased in Liverpool, it is still reasonably priced. Compared to other or similar big cities, Liverpool can be considered as relatively inexpensive. According to Numbeo, people moving to Liverpool will pay on average 560.43 £ for a one bedroom apartment in the city centre. For a similar one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of town, they will pay on average 448.21 £. Please be aware that the prices depend on various factors, for example space, size and location.

People moving to Liverpool are advised do some research about the different residential areas in the city before committing to one place. A few factors to look out for are; crime rates, proximity to amenities, parking space or proximity to school and a park if you have children.  If possible, take a weekend to investigate the residential areas of your choice before renting an apartment or house. A few of the nice residential areas  in Liverpool are Allerton Aigburth, Woolton Cressington Park and Lark Lane.