Moving to London

Sirelo's Guide for Relocating to "The Big Smoke"

Wondering how to move to London? Look no further! Here at Sirelo, we can tell you everything you need to know about Removals to London, including Average Cost, Living and Working in London and other helpful tips for moving to London. We’re here to help you move with a smile 😊

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Removal Services to London

The cost of moving to London varies depending on two main factors: Where you’re moving from, and how much stuff you’re moving with. In order to get an accurate moving quote it is important to compare moving companies and calculate the volume of your move. How do you do this? Easy! Check out our removal volume calculator and simply add all of your belongings you intend taking with you.

You’ll be happy to know, a move within the UK to London is much cheaper than somewhere further afield! To help you prepare for your move to London from the countryside or another city, we have calculated the average cost of moving to London within the UK:

Moving From1 bed2 bed3 bed4 bed

Disclaimer: The table above is only an estimate! The actual quote you receive will be specific for your move. Why don’t you fill out our online quote form to receive up to five free quotes from trusted London removal companies? Let us save you time and money on your move to London.

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Relocation to London: Sirelo’s top 5 tips

  1. Download our helpful guides

Moving to London can be a stressful experience for people. This is why we have created our Moving House Checklist. Packing up your home and relocating to London could get chaotic but with the help of Sirelo’s checklist, you have a step-by-step guide for a stress-free move. We want to make sure you don’t forget a thing!

  1. Cancel your Subscriptions and Redirect your Mail

When you have 101 things on your mind during a move, somethings fall into the background but no worries, Sirelo is here to help you! Remember to cancel any subscriptions or current utilities you have in your old address. It is important also to get your mail redirected to your new address in London. We wouldn’t want your Pen-pal to think you have ghosted them!

  1. Consider Moving to London during the Winter

We know, this doesn’t seem like the best idea but hear us out! Although it is bound to be cold for your move, London will also be quieter, with less tourists and reduced crowds on public transport. You might even get a good price for your move. Check out our blog on our Top Tips for a Cheap Move to learn about some more money saving hacks for your relocation to London

  1. Be mindful of your Finances

London is known for being expensive. That’s why we recommend you consider the gap between your salary and rent, and use the remainder efficiently. It’s important to be conscious of London’s high cost of living so you’re not caught out spending more than necessary. Check out this interesting article on how to live on a budget in London.

  1. Meet new People

Whether you’re moving to London alone, with friends, or as a couple, making new friends will definitely make your relocation to London easier! How about looking for exercise groups in your area? Or try out Citysocializer to try out some different experiences? Or go with the old reliable and visit your local pub. However you go about it, you’re bound to meet some likeminded people who can show you the best of what London has to offer.

Living in London

As we said earlier, the average cost of living in London is high! Of course, this varies from person to person and depends on what neighbourhood you settle in. For a family of four, the estimated costs are £2,991.33 without rent. A single person is estimated to spend £843.80 per month without rent.

Infographic on the average cost of living for a single person in London

Based on Numbeo cost of living and rent data March 2021

We have some good news though! The overall average wage in London is an estimated 27% higher than that of Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. So we can safely say, London is livable on the average wage. Our estimates are based on a one bedroom flat at £1,246.85 so if you can manage a lower monthly rent by flat share or reduce your costs elsewhere, you will have more room to save!

Housing in London

Finding accommodation in London can be challenging just like any major city in the world. You will need to be patient and flexible to get a suitable accommodation. Sharing a flat is common in London. It is cheap and besides, it is a good way to get to know someone in this big city.

London consists of 33 boroughs and they all have a different feel and character. So, your first step to finding accommodation in London will be to decide in which boroughs you would like to live. Why not read The Times article on the Best Places to Live in London to find out more!

Realistically speaking, people moving to London who are willing to be flexible and share an apartment, will be looking at paying between 600 and 1000 pounds per month in rent. According to Numbeo you will pay on average around £1,685.04 for a 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre. On average you will pay around £1,246.85 for the same 1 bedroom apartment outside the city centre.

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Working in London

As we mentioned, the average salary in London is much higher than anywhere else in the UK, standing at a solid £38,000 compared to the national average of £30,800. The career opportunities are great in London no matter what career route you are on so this is definitely the city to be in!

People moving to London can start their job search online with Indeed or Glassdoor, in Newspapers and by registering with employment agencies. Additionally, you can also contact government-run job centres. Other tips for finding work in London is by attending business events or by starting off with an internship or voluntary work. In all cases you must make sure your CV is updated and that you have a few references from previous employment.

Networking is an important factor these days. Aside from attending business events, you can make an online profile on LinkedIn. You can join groups about your business sector on LinkedIn and follow companies you may be interested in working for.

When going for a job interview, it is well advised to research the company or business that you are applying for. Additionally, don’t forget to dress the part for which you are applying.

Buildings in London city lit up at night time

Public Transport around the City

It is easy to get around in the city of London. People are advised to get an oyster card which you can use on all London’s major transport systems. During rush hour, it can be very busy however, the tube is pretty convenient. If you prefer to see more of London when traveling, it may be better to take the bus. You will find however, that in central London everything can be done on foot. If you go out at night, you may need the services of an Uber or taxi. It is important to know how to get around London because you will have exciting stuff to do every week, from dining out to going to the theater.

Did you know? London isn’t as rainy as everyone might think… In fact, it is receives less rain than Rome, Paris, Istanbul, Barcelona, Sydney, Miami and New York City!

Before you go…

Even though the average cost of living in London may be higher than elsewhere in the UK, the higher wages and vibrant social scene makes your move to London the right thing to do. If you plan your move efficiently and are prepared for the costs involved, your relocation to London will be the best choice you have ever made. In the words of Samuel Johnson, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; For there is in London all that life can afford”

Check out the rest of the Sirelo website to answer any further moving queries you may have.

Best of luck with your move to London!