Moving Boxes London

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Moving Boxes in London

Whether your house is big or small, you’ll need boxes for your removal! Of course, that introduces the joyous challenge of finding boxes for a house removal. And if you’ve never moved house before or even in a while, you’ll be at a loss for where you can even get boxes. There are plenty of options as to where you get them. You can buy them, hire them, and sometimes get them for free! So, read on to learn more that you would ever have thought possible about where to get boxes.

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Where to Buy Moving Boxes in London

The first option is buying brand spanking new boxes. If you’ve got the budget and need them soon, this is a great option. Most places that sell boxes will deliver them to your door, so convenient! You can also rest assured that the boxes will be in great condition, albeit expensive. However, you will then own those boxes will have to either store them, recycle them, or sell them after your move, unless you want to move again or make a cardboard castle.

If you want to buy moving house boxes in London, check out some of the options below:

You might be wondering: why a removal company? Well, many removal companies will offer additional services to those who are moving. Furthermore, as it’s the industry they work in, they will have connections that sell moving boxes, since you wouldn’t be the first person in need of them. They might even offer them at a lower rate. Which begs the question, do you have a removal company?

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Where to Hire Boxes for Moving in London

If you’re after a more eco-friendly removal, and also not having to own or dispose of a thousand boxes, then maybe hiring boxes is the option for you!

Hired boxes will usually be made of plastic, and while this will add weight, it also makes the boxes sturdier and better at protecting your precious belongings. Additionally, they are available in different sizes. As for condition, it’s likely they’ve seen better days, but they will be clean and in good condition. Who needs pristine moving boxes for a London removal?

The only possible downside is that you will need to return them when you’ve finished using them, which takes a little bit of time to organise. But, when you factor in the savings and that you can easily say goodbye to the boxes, it’s worth it.

If this option interests you, you can check out the companies listed below:

room filled with moving boxes in living room

Where to Get Free Moving Boxes in London

If you’re a fan of a bargain, or just like getting things for free, then this will be the best option for you. Just note that no two moves are alike, so relying on free boxes from people who’ve moved may land you in either camp too-few-boxes or camp I-don’t-have-the-size-I-need. It’s definitely worth a shot but be prepared for it to be a little more time-consuming that the other options. However, it’s free!

Reusing moving boxes or saving them from being thrown into a landfill is a great way to reduce your footprint. However, there is on possible downside to free boxes, they may have been used or damaged! You should never look a gift horse in the mouth, but if it’s going to risk your belongings, maybe a once over isn’t such a bad idea.

There are a few ways to source free moving boxes in London:

  • Friends and family With a big enough social network, you’re like to know someone who knows someone that just moved. So, pick up the phone or make a post and then wait to see if anyone close to you has free moving boxes on hand.
  • Facebook – This is pretty easy, join a Facebook group. There’s a group for everything and removals and boxes are no different. Once you’re in the group, you can ask for free boxes and then offer them in the group once you no longer need them.
  • Local shops – A daily delivery means plenty of boxes, and if you ask nicely enough, they might give you free boxes that you can use for you move. You get free boxes, and they get rid of waste, it’s a win-win situation!

There are also a couple of sites that you can use to find free moving boxes in London. These sites are a great additional resource to find boxes, but they may not always have what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it:

So, free certainly isn’t a bad option, just be prepared to spend time finding the number and size boxes that you’ll need.

Ready to Get Moving Boxes in London?

We’ve shown you the options, now it’s up to you to choose where to get moving boxes in London. For this, there is no right or wrong answer to this question, you just need to do what works for you. It’s not too hard.

Before you go, there are some links below that might be of interest to you, on everything you might need to know about moving, it’s not just boxes! Otherwise, good luck with your boxes and also your move.