Moving to Birmingham

Last updated: June 15, 2020

Birmingham also known as ‘Brum’ has an estimated population of 1,111,307 people in 2016. This metropolitan city is the second largest and most populous city in the UK after London.  Located in the centre of West midlands region, it is only 15 mins away from the Birmingham international airport by train. Moreover, the city is well connected to the rest of the UK making it an attractive place for many companies. Following its constant rejuvenation and modernisation after the second world war and the industrial collapse thereafter, Birmingham has become a lively and vibrant city with a culturally diverse community. It is no wonder that moving to Birmingham is on your mind!

Moving to Birmingham

Moving to Birmingham

Official figures show that Birmingham is the most popular destination for people moving from London. Hometown of Ozzy Osbourne and the famous Cadbury Chocolate, Birmingham needs little convincing to move to. However, the city has so much more to offer; from its buzzing city centre to its service and research industries. Birmingham is no longer only just a manufacturing hub. People moving to Birmingham can find work in other industries as well, for example; in the financial, creative, digital, transport or logistics sector.

Working in Birmingham

Even though Birmingham is not just a manufacturing hub anymore, It is still the largest manufacturing and engineering center in the United kingdom. Brum’s manufacturing and engineering centre  is a major source of employment for thousands of people and contributes majorly to the national economy. However, as previously mentioned, there is work to be found in other thriving sectors as well.

Some major companies that you will find in Birmingham are as follows:

  • Jaguar cars Ltd
  • National Express group PLC
  • Asda
  • Inspired Gaming Ltd
  • J Sainsbury PLC

People moving to Birmingham can start their job hunting with a general search online. There are many vacancies to be found on job boards online. Another tip is to check the job section of local newspapers which have online versions. The Birmingham Mail or The Express and star are all local newspapers that are also online and where you can easily find available vacancies. Expats or people moving to Birmingham can also register with a recruitment agency who can help them find work in Birmingham.

Moving to Birmingham

Accommodation in Birmingham

Birmingham offers relatively affordable accommodation to its inhabitants. According to Numbeo a one bedroom apartment in the city centre of Birmingham will cost on average 700.88 £ whilst the average for a one bedroom apartment outside the city centre is 447.56 £. On top of the rent, you will generally have to pay for gas, water, electricity, council tax as well as for a parking permit.

People moving to Birmingham can first choose to rent accommodation for a short period before finding a more permanent place to live to give them time to investigate the different neighbourhoods. However, if you live close to Birmingham already, you make a trip there during the weekend to check out  the different neighborhoods before moving there.

When renting accommodation in Birmingham, please consider the area or neighbourhood that you would like to live. Especially as a family, you need to keep in mind the proximity of your accommodation to school and whether the neighbourhood is children friendly. Other factors that may play a role is the proximity to work and parking restricts.

Popular neighbourhood in Birmingham are as follows:

  • Harbourne
  • Edgbaston
  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Coleshill
  • Lichfield

People moving to Birmingham should be aware that they commonly have to pay one month’s rent and security deposit (four to six weeks’ rent) upfront for an accommodation. Keep in mind that that agency fees may apply if you rent through an agency.   


People moving to Birmingham can be sure that they will not be bored in this city. Birmingham has a thriving shopping centre with the bullring that has more than a 100 shops. Additionally, Birmingham has one of the liveliest night scenes in the UK. There are different music venues, bars, restaurants and museums that will guarantee your entertainment.