Moving to Leeds

Leeds, also know as the capital of the north is a city located in West Yorkshire. Leeds is the third largest city in the UK with a population estimated at 794,250 in 2016. Centrally located the capital of the north is a similar distance away from Edinburgh and London. Even though Leeds is the third largest city in the UK, the city centre is still quite compact. Everything is in easy reach of each other. This allows you to easily enjoy all that Leeds has to offer, from its medieval town hall and museums to its shops and theatres. Moving to Leeds? good choice!

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Moving to Leeds

The Capital of the north is full of history and you will experience this walking through Its beautiful city centre. Knowing this, it is no wonder you may be thinking of moving to Leeds. Aside from its beautiful city centre or even the fact that Leeds is one of the finest shopping destinations in the UK, the city still has much more to offer.

For those that seek relaxation in an otherwise busy world, you will find many green spaces and open parks in Leeds. Moreover, Just outside the city, you can gaze upon the rolling hills of the countryside and visit historical sites like Kirkstall and Fountain abbey. Still not convinced? Then perhaps you should experience the city’s vibrant nightlife or Leeds famous music festival.

Moving to Leeds- waterfront

Working in Leeds

Leeds has historically been an industrial city, however, it is now internationally recognised for its diversified economy, which includes service centres and financial institutions. Leeds owns one of the largest economies outside of London and the internet industry plays a huge role in this. It is estimated that about one third of all online traffic passes through Leeds in some way. Unsurprisingly, Leeds is home to large online enterprises such as and

The city’s thriving economy does not only boast strengths in the financial services, but also in health, retail, legal and manufacturing. People or expats moving to Leeds can therefore be assured to find many job opportunities in Leeds. Some Major companies that have their headquarters or have base in Leeds:

  • GHD (manufacturer hair-care electronics)
  • First Direct (Bank)
  • Yorkshire Bank
  • Asda
  • Jet2(Airline)

If you are moving house to Leeds, you will find that the internet is a good place to start the search for job opportunities. Most employers list job vacancies on online job boards such as and Leeds local government website is an additional website listing local job opportunities. You can equally check for job vacancies listed in two of Leeds’s main newspapers The Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Post.

 Furthermore, networking is an essential way of connecting to the right people who can offer you great job opportunities. You can connect in person at career fairs or at business events, but also online on professional websites such as LinkedIn. Companies on social media such as Twitter or Facebook sometimes list their job vacancies on their pages as well. Moreover, you could choose to register with a recruitment agency who can help you get a job. Speculative applications is yet another strategy to proactively seek for job opportunities.

Moving to Leeds - fortress

Accommodation in Leeds

People relocating to Leeds will find the prices of accommodation in this metropolitan city are quite reasonable. People moving to Leeds will pay on average 619.00£ for a one bedroom apartment in the city centre. They will pay for a similar apartment  outside the city centre an average of 464.42 £. 

Leeds has many different residential areas and in terms of housing every spectrum is covered. It is very important for people moving to Leeds to do the appropriate research about the different residential areas before committing one. Some factors to check for are crime rates, proximity to schools, parking space and the general neighbourhood.

It is advised to check out the neighbourhoods you would like to live in person if possible. However, if you are unable to visit the residential areas in person, you can use google maps to look around the neighbourhoods. A few nice residential areas in Leeds are as follows:

  • Horsforth
  • Chapel Allerton
  • Roundhay
  • Leeds Waterfront

Leeds has many diverse residential areas and a lot to offer it inhabitants in terms of entertainment and culture. People moving to this city will find something that caters to their tastes and way of life. Culture, relaxation, shopping Leeds has it all.