Moving to Manchester

Last updated: April 15, 2020

Greater Manchester or ‘Manny’ as it is sometimes called is UK’s most crowded urban region with a population of around 2.55 million. Manchester city itself has a population estimated at around 527,239 in 2016. As one of the largest cities in the UK, Manny is said to have a thriving economy with the third largest banking and finance industry in the UK. Home to Major UK and global companies such as Kellogg’s, Manchester is not only a hub for sport as it is more popularly known for. It is also the third largest economic centre in the UK. With all that the city has to offer, moving to Manchester has become a well travelled path. 

Moving to Manchester - waterfront

Moving to Manchester

Manchester has a proud history in arts, sport, science and music and Expats moving to Manchester will  bare witness to this. People moving to Manchester can look forward to a fabulous city which is both bustling and lively.

Working in Manchester

Finding a job in Manchester will be a top priority for people moving to Manchester. Although the job market is competitive everywhere and in Manchester as well, you still have a good chance at getting a job in this city. The local economy is strong and you will find many job opportunities in  different sectors and industries such as;

  • Finance
  • Professional service
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering

The four sectors above contribute majorly to the regional economy, however, in recent years the sectors below have gained a strong presence in Manchester and continue to develop.

  • Health
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Creative sector
  • Digital sector

It is strongly advised to get some prospects and to even secure a job before making the move. People relocating to Manchester can start their search online for example, in the job section on online local newspapers or on job boards/portals.

You can also join a recruitment agency in Manchester who can help you find a job. Should you have already made the move to Manchester or should you want to make the move first before finding a job, then you can try going door-to-door. Networking is as always an important way to find a job put the word out there and connect with people on professional sites like LinkedIn.

Some companies that operate in Manchester are as follows :

  • Umbro
  • The Cooperative Group
  • BBC (British Broadcasting Company)
  • Siemens
  • KPMG
  • Kellogg’s

Moving to Manchester - Boat houses

Accommodation in Manchester

People moving to Manchester will find that most accommodations for rent in the city centre will be apartments or studios and in the surrounding suburbs you will find houses and family houses.

The most obvious place to start your search for accommodation before making the move to Manchester would be online. However, it is strongly advised to take time to research the different areas in Manchester where you can rent accommodation. Things to look out for are crime rates, proximity to schools, age profiles, etc. There are many residential areas outside the city centre which could be interesting depending on your preferences.

For example the following residential areas are popular with families

  • Altrincham
  • Sale
  • Didsbury
  • parts of Stockport

Other residence areas in Manchester are for example;

  • Trafford
  • Tameside
  • Salford
  • North Manchester
  • South East Manchester

You are also advised to check out the neighbourhood in person to ascertain whether you want to live in that residential area.

People moving to Manchester can also seek help finding accommodation from relocation agencies or estate agencies. Keep in mind however that  you may have to pay administration fees to the agents. You can also choose to compare houses offered by different agents on property portals online. Depending on your choices you can register or sign up with the agent’s whose properties you choose.  

When you decide to rent an accommodation you will have to keep in mind that often times you will have to pay a deposit (4 to 6 weeks rent), one month’s rent and of course administration fees in advance. On top of the rent, you will need to allocate a sum of money for utility bills as well as council tax, Parking and TV. A one bedroom apartment  in the city centre in Manchester costs on average 699.53 £ and the same one bedroom apartment outside the city centre will cost on average 525.76 £ according to Numbeo.