Moving to Manchester

A Sirelo Guide

Are you planning on moving to Manchester? This vibrant city has much to offer from its proud history in arts, sports, science, and music. You too will find yourself in love with this fabulous city which is bubbling with life! However, you’ll need to move there first. That’s where Sirelo comes in. Our guide has information on moving costs, a checklist, and even free removal quotes for Manchester to get you moving with a smile. 😊

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Cost of Moving to Manchester

No matter how far you are moving, the cost will be at the forefront of your mind before you start planning your move. But how much do local home removals in Manchester or even moving from London to Manchester cost? It can be difficult to pin down an exact price, but below we have the costs of moving a 3-bedroom house to Manchester from different cities in the UK:

Bolton13£990 – £1,115
Birmingham86£1,050 – £1,200
Bristol165£1,125 – £1,285
London210£1,150 – £1,350

Unfortunately, covering every possible distance and household for a move to Manchester would dominate this page and be a horror to read. However, we don’t like to leave anyone behind, so we made this handy removal costs calculator. Why not calculate the cost of your move to Manchester?

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There are, of course, further factors that affect the cost of moving to Manchester within the UK beyond the distance and volume. Fortunately, you can read more about them on our domestic removal costs page. It might save you some money!

Need Help with Your Move to Manchester?

If you’ve made the decision to move to Manchester, then you might also be interested in making the process easier. That involves finding help, but honestly, the horror of having to contact hundreds of removal companies even gives us stress! 😅

Take the stress out of your move and request removal quotes for Manchester for free! Fill in the form below and we’ll do the hard work for you by matching you with up to 5 removal companies in Manchester. It’ll save you a lot of hassle.

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Sirelo’s Checklist for Moving to Manchester

The most common way people describe moving is stressful, and we understand that it certainly can be if you don’t have a great checklist! And since we care about helping people move with a smile, we made a dedicated moving house checklist to help everything go smoothly. While it won’t completely remove the stress, it comes pretty close.

Of course, you might not have the time to read a whole checklist, so check out our abridged version below for some helpful links and must-dos when moving to Manchester.

✔️ Packing for House Removals to Manchester

Whether it’s a bedsit or a mansion, at some point you’ll have to pack, unless you’re leaving everything behind… Our advice for making the packing process less stressful is to start packing in advance, at least 1 month. Additionally, you should read our expert guide on packing a house to keep as much stress at bay as possible!

✔️ Tax

No house move would be complete with a little bit of government bureaucracy. So, before you get too settled in your new home, be sure to inform HMRC of your change of address.

Furthermore, you’ll also need to inform your new and old local council about your change of address to pay for the council services that will benefit you. It’s important that you don’t forget!

Just so you’re aware, council tax for Manchester is £1,203 (band A) and £3,612 (Band H), depending on which band you fall into. This is pretty average, but just good to know.

✔️ Register to Vote

If you happen to be fond of voting, then don’t forget to register to vote to update your address. Otherwise, your access to the ballot box might be blocked.

✔️ Do You Have a Car?

Now, if you have a car and dislike fines of up to £1,000, then make sure that you either sell your car or do the due diligence of updating the DVLA of a change of address when moving to Manchester. Your bank account will thank you!

✔️ Utilities

As you move to Manchester, it’s important to remember that your utilities will also need to be updated on your change of address. You don’t want to pay for electricity in two houses! Depending on the contract you have with your utility supplier, you may want to either cancel or transfer to your new address. Read our guide on setting up your utilities in your new home for more information.

✔️ Mail Redirection

One last thing to consider is any mail, bills, or love letters that might be coming your way. It’s hard to cover everyone who might send mail to your old address after you’ve moved to Manchester, but the Royal Mail’s mail redirection service will help avoid any disasters.

Should you be in need of more help, or even just curious, check out our list of the 21 best tips to ensure your move to Manchester goes off without a hitch!

a view of princess street in manchester with tram lines

Life in Cottonopolis

Life in Manchester has plenty to offer, from a thriving art scene to a strong economy. It’s a great place to live to get away from London, provincial life, or a nice change of scenery for a city of varied architecture and old red-brick industrial buildings. As there’s also plenty to do from museums, and outings, to nightlife, you won’t be bored in Manchester.

The Cost of Living

If you’re moving to Manchester from London, it’ll come as no shock that Manchester is a more affordable city. And if you’ve been trying to decide between moving to Manchester or London, this might give you the push towards one or the other!

MetricManchester London
Rent for 1-bed flat city centre£880£1,750
Price per m2 city centre£3,720£12,300
Price per m2 outside of centre£2,600£6,000
Basic utilities£160£210
Monthly Public Transport Pass£73£159
Wine (mid-range)£7.00£8.00

Finding a Home

Whether you intend to rent or buy, either way, you’ll need a place to call home when moving to Manchester. If you’ve never lived in Manchester or don’t know anyone who did, the prospect of choosing a location can be a bit daunting. Where will be right for you? To help you, here are our top three picks as to where to live:


Sale has the quaintness of a small town with its very own high street and has a direct connection to Manchester city centre. This makes it a great option for those who like peace and quiet but like to have frequent days out in the city, it’s just three stops away on the Metrolink.

The area is a bit on the more expensive side if you’re looking to purchase, but there are great schools, and the houses are built in beautiful Victorian and Edwardian styles. It makes a great choice for families.


Rusholme is only 30-minute from the city centre, has high-performing schools and is generally more affordable. It’s a popular place for students, being down the street from the University of Manchester, young professionals, and young families.

street view outside of Manchester university in the autumn

Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is located in the city centre and makes a great option for those who love the excitement of city life. You’ll never be too far from anything and with great access to the public transport of the city, you’ll also almost be able to go anywhere!

The neighbourhood is home to lively venues and bars with up-and-coming bands and established acts taking the stage. You’ll find yourself in the loop of the hottest happens in the city. This is a great option for those young professionals and those who enjoy a night out.

House Search

Of course, that’s not the end of it. You’ll need to crack on with searching for your new home before moving to Manchester. In that case, we recommend using the following sites as a starting point:

Infographic about activities to do in Manchester after your move

Work in Manchester

As one of the largest cities in the UK, Manchester is not only a hub for sport as it is more popularly known for. It is also the third-largest economic centre in the UK. Home to major UK and global companies, such as Kellogg’s, and a sizeable portion of the banking and finance industry in the UK. Something more tantalising might be that the median salary in Manchester is £35k compared to the UK median of £30k.

Finding a job will be a top priority for people moving to Manchester. Although the job market is competitive everywhere and in Manchester as well, you still have a good chance of getting a job in this city. The local economy is strong, and you will find many job opportunities in different sectors and industries such as:

  • Finance
  • Professional service
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering

Job Search

Before you take the plunge, it’s ideal to have already secured a job in the city. Thus, feel free to make use of the online portals below to start your job search in Manchester:

You can also join a recruitment agency in Manchester that can help you find a job.

Reasons to Live in Manchester

In case you’re in need of convincing that Manchester is the place for you or a just great place to live, we’re going to list some of our favourite things about the city. It won’t be exhaustive, since there are way too many things. So, there will still be plenty of things to explore and find that you will love about Cottonopolis!

1. Big and Small

How can a city feel big and small at the same time? In Manchester’s case, it’s the great public transport, walkable core, and friendly locals that give this big city a small feel. Getting around is a cinch and won’t take hours out of your day and with so much you do, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

2. History Galore

Roman settlement, home to the oldest library in the UK, and remnants of the industrial revolution, Manchester is swarming with history for the buffs that love it. For those who don’t, it has resulted in the city having some lovely buildings and scenic places to admire and space to relax such as by the canals or Heaton Park.

a view of hope valley in the peak district near manchester

3. Nature at Your Doorstep

If you’re a lover of nature or enjoy walks in curated gardens, you’ll be very happy in Manchester. Not being too far away from the Peak District (part of the Pennines), a Great Manchester Wetland, Prestwick Forest Park, or Walkden Gardens all offer a nice reprieve from the city.

4. Madchester

This name for Manchester comes from the 80s and still persists in the minds of many as the city is viewed as a great place for clubbing, and it really is! The city has managed to keep up its reputation for a great night out, be it a small, quiet affair or a loud one with maniac dancing.

5. The Home of Corrie

Our last reason isn’t for everyone, it depends on how much affinity you have for Coronation Street, but it’s hard not to be impressed by the world’s longest-running soap opera, on-air since December 9th, 1960! You can tour the set or even possibly see some of the stars around town!

Ready to Move to Manchester?

Well, this is the end of the article. By now, you’re well prepared to take on the challenge of moving to Manchester. The city offers a diverse and thriving lifestyle for anyone looking to move. As Ian Brown said, “Manchester’s got everything except a beach”.

Before you head off on an amazing adventure to Manchester, you might want to read a little more about the moving process. If yes, then check out the links below. Otherwise, have a wonderful move!