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Below you can find a list of all removal companies that are situated in Birmingham and its surrounding area. Please click on a specific removal company to acquire detailed information of that company, including experiences, complaints and reviews. If you have had experiences with a removal company, please share it with us by submitting a review. Doing so you help other people to make the right decision.
We have found 63 removal companies in Birmingham
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Find a Removal Company in Birmingham

If you need a removal company in Birmingham, then you will know that there are many options. However, how are you supposed to know which is the best removal company in Birmingham? To help you decide between removal companies in Birmingham we have created a short guide.

Why Choose a Moving Company in Birmingham?

With a home or office removal in Birmingham, finding someone that understands the local geography and your concerns will help put you at ease. Removals are stressful so friendly and helpful is a godsend!

A Birmingham removal company will understand the city and its surroundings. Consequently, their experience in operating in the Birmingham area will allow them to adapt to special circumstances like traffic, road works or city regulations.

How to Choose a Removal Company in Birmingham

There are so many movers in Birmingham, that it can be hard to decide who to choose. You will need to establish some important criteria for who is the best company for your removal in Birmingham.


Firstly, you should consider whether the mover will meet your budget. There are many removal costs involved in a house move. Removal companies in Birmingham will differ in price depending on the services they offer and their reputation.

Typically, the more services a removal company offers, the more expensive it will be. So, you need to decide whether you require a removal company in Birmingham that offers a comprehensive service or not.

Just be aware that the extra services like packing, storage, cleaning, and more will add extra costs to Edinburgh removals. However, they also save a lot of time! Just be aware that cheap removal companies in Birmingham are more likely to offer these services for a fee rather than free.


Removal companies in Birmingham, much like any other service, will have had customers who leave reviews (don’t forget to review the company after you move too). Reviews are a great way to gain useful insights into the inner workings of a house removal company in Birmingham.

Moving Association

Additionally, there are organisations that recognise the quality of removal companies and offer a line redress. These are referred to as moving associations. Whether it’s a home or office removal in Birmingham, choosing a company that is a member of a moving association is great for peace of mind.

More About Birmingham Removals

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Finally, should you be moving from further afield, you can read our guide on moving to Birmingham.

For now, good luck and have a pleasant move!