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Below you can find a list of all removal companies that are situated in Glasgow and its surrounding area. Please click on a specific removal company to acquire detailed information of that company, including experiences, complaints and reviews. If you have had experiences with a removal company, please share it with us by submitting a review. Doing so you help other people to make the right decision.
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Finding Your Removal Company in Glasgow

With all your precious world possessions possibly in peril, why would you trust any but one of the best removal companies in Glasgow? It’s an important consideration for a removal in Glasgow or if you’re moving to Glasgow for the first time.

But how do you choose a house removal company in Glasgow? Fortunately, Sirelo is here to guide you towards finding the best help for your house removal in Glasgow. Just keep reading!

Choosing the Best Removal Company in Glasgow

When trying to choose the best removal firm in Glasgow, there are a few key points to investigate. Mostly, it’s ensuring that you find a removal company in Glasgow with a good record of customer satisfaction and that won’t break the bank.

Money, Money, Money

Starting with the point that we find is a common concern with house removals in Glasgow: a removal company that charges a fair price. However, it’s important to first understand how much a house removal in Glasgow can cost. For a 3-bedroom house, it can cost between £580 – £700 to move within Glasgow.

However, every move is unique and there are several factors that can affect the cost of house removals in Glasgow. If you want to understand the factors that will have an effect on the price of a home removal, then check out our page on removal costs in the UK.

Furthermore, you can even cut to the chase and get up to 5 quotes for a house removal in Glasgow from removal firms today! You receive a quote with an estimate from different removal companies. That way you can compare the quoted price and save money!

What Your Removal Company Can Do for You!

Not all removal services in Glasgow are created equally and by that, we mean that not every removal company will offer the same services! Thus, you should be mindfully when selecting a removal company to understand what will be included in the base price and what services you would like to be included.

Removal companies in Glasgow can, and most likely will, offer you the additional services of packing, storage, cleaning services, and more! These can save time but do come at a cost, unfortunately.


You wouldn’t hire a nanny without reading any references, so why should a removal company be any different? While children are more valuable than belongings, there is no reason you should put your personal items in the hands of a complete stranger!

On Sirelo, you can visit a profile of a removal company in Glasgow (just scroll up) and read user-submitted reviews. These can provide a powerful insight into the workings of a company and whether or not they would be a good fit for your house removal in Glasgow.

Moving Associations

A final consideration when it comes to selecting a removal company in Glasgow is whether the company is a member of an accredited moving association or not. Moving associations guarantee a certain level of quality from a removal company and, furthermore, act as a more secure route to seek redress.

What Else Might I Need for a House Removal in Glasgow?

Our closing advice for house removals in Glasgow is to use our furniture volume calculator. Knowing your volume or a close approximation will help the removal companies to give you a more accurate quote.

Additionally, you shouldn’t put off getting moving boxes to the last minute. You can read our guide on where to find moving boxes in preparation for your move.

Otherwise, have a great move. We’re sure it’ll go swimmingly if you use our advice to find the best removal companies in Glasgow!